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Hand-stitched with love

Paper Source Catalog February 2010Sewing paper hearts

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at how we created the cover of our most recent Paper Source catalog. Valentine’s Day is all about taking the time to show love, so we really wanted something handmade on our Valentine’s Day catalog cover. What we came up with was simple and lovely – a paper heart hand-stitched with the word “love.”

Create your own hand-stitched sentiment by following the easy steps below!

– Karen
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1. Choose the note card onto which you want to stitch (in this case our heart shape card). Read the rest of this entry »

Lovely paper jewelry

My sister, Stacey, is a talented artist and photographer who is always surprising me with fun things to wear to work, among other places. Her latest creation pays homage to the fabulous Paper Source catalog, which Stacey immediately opens and pores over for inspiration when it arrives in her mailbox. Accustomed to making our paper flower kits, as well as working with felt and vintage fabrics to make her own floral brooches, the colors and layout of the Paper Source catalog called out to her one day, asking to be transformed into a paper brooch.

Paper jewelryPaper flower brooch

The weight of our catalog pages lends itself to easy cutting and shaping to form the petals of the brooch. First, Stacey selects the pages she wants to use, and then begins cutting them into rounded shapes. She scrunches the shapes side by side in a circular floral formation and uses a needle and thread to attach them to one another. She embellishes the middle section with a splash of glitter. Finally, a pin is attached to the back of the brooch for fastening onto clothing, bags, hair bands, gifts—you name it!

Whenever I wear one of these brooches to work, customers and fellow employees stop in their tracks to take a closer look and inspect Stacey’s handiwork. When I tell them the brooch was made from one of our catalogs, they are simply amazed. Who knew the pages of a catalog could be transformed into wearable art? Only at Paper Source!

–Pam, Paper Source Carlsbad Store
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Paper Source Workshop: The Wedding Tea

This year we decided our bride-to-be’s deserve a morning tea, done the Paper Source way! Join us for The Wedding Tea workshop where we’ll give you a personal introduction to our brand new 2010 Wedding Invitation line (hot off the press!), hands-on projects to build your DIY skills, great raffles, and the bonus – a 10% off coupon to use towards purchases made that day (get your wedding supply list ready)! All while you sip tea and nibble on sweet treats.

Mark your calendars for this one hour morning event on Saturday, February 20 from 10-11am. Then stay for our free event, Paper Wedding the same weekend – February 20 and 21!

Wedding invitation envelopesWedding favor ideas

Don’t worry, we’re covering all the categories of wedding tradition:

Something Old
We’re old pros at showing you the tips and tricks for creating your perfect wedding suite.

Something New
Our fabulous new collection of exclusive Paper Source wedding invitations and accoutrements!

Something Borrowed
Use any of the kool crafting supplies we have at our workshop tables to build your make and takes.

Something Blue
Ah yes, we built the whole Wedding Tea theme around our lovely blue shade of pool.

Space is limited, so sign up early and perhaps bring a friend to help you take notes. We can’t wait to spend the morning with you!


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Where Women Create featuring Paper Source CEO

Paper Source CEO Article

“Always do what you love when you ‘grow up’. Laugh. Never give up.” – Sally Pofcher

Where Women Create MagazineThese wise words of advice from our CEO, Sally Pofcher, are captured in a wonderful behind-the-scenes article about her role at Paper Source. Check out the 10-page spread in the spring 2010 issue of Where Women Create!

– Carolyn
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Handmade paper from a far away place

We are well known for our collection of high quality fine papers – but how much do you know about how they are made? Some of our best selling Lokta papersBlack and White Paisley and Gold Mums on Cream – are hand-crafted by Nepalese artisans. The material used for making these papers is the daphne plant, grown in the Himalayas. The bark of this plant is cleaned and cut into small pieces, then beaten with a wooden hammer until it’s reduced to fibers.

Making handmade paper_cleaning bark

It is then put into a metal drum along with ash and water to produce pulp. The pulp is mixed with water and poured into wooden frames to dry in the sun. Once it’s dry, the pulp becomes a natural, eco–friendly paper prized for its superior strength, durability and rich texture!

Making handmade paper_drying frames

These papers are processed in the city of Kathmandu by women co-operatives Read the rest of this entry »

Will you be my bridesmaid?

When it comes to weddings, popping the question is no longer just the groom’s responsibility. The tradition has taken new form, as brides begin to more formally ask their dearest friends, “Will you be my bridesmaid?” A simple and sweet question that’s been asked for years, has developed into a creative opportunity, and the result is often a delightful invitation style approach. When I got married, I decorated small Moleskine Journals and wrote a note on the inside, “love you so much, been through so much, will you be my bridesmaid?” As brides begin to explore how they would like to, “pop the question”, the bar it getting quite high, with some very innovative bridesmaid invitation card ideas.

The cutest one I have seen so far, comes from a close friend of mine Katie Sprenkle, a graphic designer from San Diego. The card read, “The wedding is not until 2011, but I just had to ask: Will you be my bridesmaid?” It came complete with her witty top five reasons to be her bridesmaid, and a paper chain of bridesmaid dolls adorned in magazine page dresses.

Be My Bridesmaid card

Bridesmaid dollsEach cut out girl is a different friend within the wedding party, even our facial expressions and hair styles display our unique qualities. She tucked everything inside lovely pointed flap envelopes, and sealed them with printed labels that read “Official Bridesmaid Post”. Her combination of Paper Source solid papers, decorative papers, and recycled materials makes for a request that’s hard to resist.

Of course I’ll be your bridesmaid!

– Lauren
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How to make envelope liners

For those of you who have tried it, you know, lining envelopes is oh, so satisfying! It’s an easy, instant upgrade to wedding invitations, stationery, and greeting cards, and even if you claim you’re not crafty, you will be able to do this. You can use almost any paper imaginable to make envelopes liners – solids, patterns, fine paper, newspaper, magazine pages, even photocopies of pictures.
How to decorate envelopes

When lining Paper Source envelopes, the trick is to use our Envelope Liner Template Kit, which comes with traceable plastic templates in 7 envelope sizes. Check out our How-to Video where our beloved founder Sue will show you how to make envelope liners, and keep you entertained along the way.
Envelope Liner Video

Enjoy, and, as Sue will remind you, Do Something Creative Every Day!

– Cindy
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