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Paper wall art

My dad is a pretty handy guy, and so growing up, I was always encouraged to build, tinker and create. I remember as a little kid I was always outside in the tool shed with dad (yep, I was a daddy’s girl!) while he was working. Sometimes he’d give me a piece of wood, a handful of nails and a small hammer, and there I’d sit, hammering nails into the wood, and then sometimes finishing off my “project” by stringing twine around the nails. Now, all grown up and living on my own, I still go to dad when I need help constructing items to decorate my living space. And, of course, since I work at Paper Source, I have to incorporate paper! This is my favorite home decorating trick: paper-covered wall art.

Paper wall artIt’s a good idea to select your paper first, because that will affect how large your piece of art can be. For the base, all you need is a wood frame (this is where my dad helps!) Using scrap pieces of wood, he constructs a simple frame to the dimensions that I need. Canvas stretcher bars, which are quite inexpensive, also work well, and you can customize the size by choosing the lengths you buy. An old wooden frame without the glass/picture might also work. If you don’t have access to wood (or someone who can build the frame for you) you could also try old shoe boxes, shirt boxes, etc. Read the rest of this entry »

How-to: paper flower pins

We’ve made plenty of paper flowers out of colored paper and old catalogs, but we recently found a new material that creates wonderfully frilly petals, perfect for these paper flower pins. Our new paper ribbon has a fun texture and comes in lovely colors. Layering fuchsia and pool, we created these festive flowers with a few cuts and folds, held together by floral wire and floral tape.

Tissue paper flowers

Add a safety pin for one of a kind boutonnières, or use them as package toppers, on napkin rings, and as playful decorations.

PS colors: gravel & beet
Latest fave: Tree Trunk Tea Light and Japanese 8 1/4″ Scissors

Materials Needed:
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Paper Ribbon (Fuchsia & Sea Green – a.k.a. Pool)
Floral Wire/Tape Kit Read the rest of this entry »

Letterpress Machine…tell me more!

“Letterpress is undeniably special and luscious. This print method originated in the 15th century and is known for its timeless beauty and rich, tactile feel. Type and image are impressed into the paper through the pressure of a clam-shell-like printing press, resulting in a luxuriously textured imprinted surface.”

If you’re on our blog, you’re probably already familiar with Paper Source’s elegant letterpress stationery, wedding invitations, and greeting cards. (For those of you who aren’t familiar see the definition from our website above). Letterpress products are artisan crafted in a centuries-old print method and, until now, there really wasn’t an option for the average Joe to experience this art form at home.

Enter the Letterpress Machine Combo Kit! This all-in-one kit contains everything for the home crafter to create beautiful handmade cards, stationery, gift tags, and prints. Now, this kit is not a vintage Chandler and Price press, but it’s not 4,000 pounds either. It’s not a Vandercook, but you also don’t have to apprentice with anyone to use it! Bottom line…you can set up shop on your kitchen table and crank out some lovingly made, beautiful cards that 99% of recipients won’t believe you made yourself.

Make letterpress stationeryLetterpress printing plate

The Letterpress Machine Combo Kit contains everything you need to get started from paper to ink and of course, plates of images and text. I recommend playing at first and doing some test runs before you leap head first into your wedding invitations. Although this kit is small and good for home use, you still want to get a feel for how to move the ink over the plate with the brayer, and figure out exactly what techniques work best to get the impression you desire. One thing is for certain – you’re sure to have fun throughout the whole process, and you’ll be so proud of yourself when you create cards that have the tactile, elegant quality of fine letterpress printing.

p.s. See this Letterpress Machine video for a quick demo!

–Gretchen, PS Buying Team
PS colors: fuchsia & moss
Latest fave: Poppies Flower Kit

How-to: recycled origami hearts

Origami hearts from recycled catalogsIn honor of Earth Day tomorrow, we came up with these adorable origami hearts made from our own catalogs. This recycled craft really says, “I heart the planet.” In just six simple steps you can fold old catalog and magazine pages, even shopping bags, into wonderful decorations. String a cluster of hearts from a tree branch, add them to gift wrapped packages, or send them in the mail with an earth-friendly greeting. When you learn how you can transform old materials, you’ll think twice before throwing anything away!

– Claudia
PS colors: curry & fuchsia
Latest fave: Mini Magnolia Paper Flower Kit

Materials Needed:
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Old catalogs, magazines or shopping bags Read the rest of this entry »

How-to: paper doll pool party invitations

Paper doll pool party invitationDress up our oh-so-sweet paper dolls and turn them into adorable party invitations for a child’s birthday or even your BFF’s bachelorette shower. Ours is going to a pool party sporting the latest in pool safety with her very own inner tube. To create this accessory, slice a curved line almost in the center of a circle card with an xacto knife, then tuck your paper doll into the slit. Don’t forget flippers! Simply cut a tapered rectangle to fit over each foot. Our dolls fit into A9 envelopes so you can mail them off to party guests!

Show us what you create with our paper dolls – upload your photos to our Facebook page to inspire our fans!

PS colors: gravel & beet
Latest fave: Tree Trunk Tea Light and Japanese 8 1/4″ Scissors

Girls Night Out: Renew, Reuse, Recycle!

Making paper flowersRecycled crafts

Earth Day is April 22, and we have an eventful evening planned to celebrate. We’ll blend unique ways of being creative, with caring for the planet, in this years Girl’s Night Out: Renew, Reuse, Recycle! It’s the perfect combination of our classic crafting with a twist – using reclaimed catalogs, calendars and other papers to create origami paper wallets and fluttery paper flower notes with matching renewed envelopes.

The bonus of the evening is that we will be officially introducing our Silhouette Cutting Tool! We’ll show you how to create fun and flirty stationery, using one idea for two different uses. This machine is perfect for creating so many things, from custom vinyl for your walls to paper cut outs for cards and invites.

Making stencilsUsing the Silhoeutte machine

Spend some girly “green” time with us on Thursday, April 22 from 6-8pmregister online or at your local store. We’re sure you’ll enjoy sharing these great ideas with friends back home, turning magazines, mail and other found objects into wonderful gifts! Don’t forget you’ll also receive 10% off* your purchases that night, so plan ahead for Mother’s Day, Grad and Dad when you come. *Discounts cannot be used in combination with other discounts or for custom orders.


PS colors: chartreuse & pool
Latest fave: Royal Crowns Kit

Join us on Facebook: Mother’s Day Card Contest!

Mother's Day Card Contest 2010

We’re excited to announce our first ever Facebook contest in celebration of Mother’s Day! Our Facebook fans have the opportunity to win a Paper Source gift card by submitting a photo of an original Mother’s Day card creation using 100% Paper Source materials. Fans will vote for their favorite designs, and we will announce the top three winners on May 10th. In addition to a gift card, the winning entries will be featured on our blog!

Even if you don’t enter the contest, please join us on Facebook and vote for your three favorite designs from May 3rd – May 9th.

WHAT: Mother’s Day Card Contest
WHERE: Our Facebook page
WHEN: Submit your entries via Facebook by May 2nd (11:59pm CDT). Voting by Facebook fans is open from May 3rd – May 9th, and winners are announced May 10th.
HOW: If you aren’t already, become our Facebook friend, then submit your entry by uploading a photo of your card creation through our contest page.

1st Place: $100 Paper Source gift card
2nd Place: $50 Paper Source gift card
3rd Place: $25 Paper Source gift card

Please note, although you must be 18 to enter we welcome card designs created by kids – you may submit an entry on behalf of a child. For more information and official contest rules, please visit our Facebook page.

We can’t wait to see how you plan to honor a mother, grandmother, or other special women in your life with a one-of-a-kind Mother’s Day card creation!

How-to: tweet mother’s day card

Mothers Day card ideaMother’s Day is a time to celebrate moms young and old. Our adorable chick mother’s day card is perfect for a new mom, or change the message and give it to any special mother. Made from mostly labels, this card is easy to make and is even a card kids can make for mom with a little help.

Whatever you create, take the time to make mom a handmade mother’s day card she’ll cherish.

– Claudia
PS colors: curry & fuchsia
Latest fave: Mini Magnolia Paper Flower Kit

Materials Needed:
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Fave spring gifts – gonzo for color

Ask anyone who knows me—my mom, my co-workers, my old hairstylist Jojo—to describe me in three words, and he or she will inevitably use the word “colorful.” Rich colors, like rich flavors, tickle some deep joyful place inside of me. Fiery colors can warm up even the rainiest afternoon, and bright, flowery hues help remind me that soon little pink and yellow and purple blooms will be popping up all across the city, like the Paas-dipped eggs that I thought magically appeared in our family’s lawn each Easter morning.

Lindsay's Oilily ScarfI am, one might say, gonzo for color. So it saddens me that one of the world’s most colorful brands, Oilily, a Dutch clothing company famous for its brilliantly candy-tinged sweaters, dresses, and knitwear, was forced to close down their US stores. Luckily for me, I was able to snag this amazing framed vintage scarf right off the wall of one store before they closed the doors. As a tribute to the whimsical fun of Oilily, I wanted to highlight some of our colorful new gifts for spring.

One colorful detail that I am really excited about for spring is pom poms. Our CEO Sally took one look at our new pink and orange pom pom scarf (available next month) and said, “That is just so Lindsay, isn’t it?!?” We have adorable pom pom kitchen towels in two color combinations. We also have clip on pom poms—perfect for using as a keychain or for cute-ning up your bags or belt loops. And if you want to really go pom pom crazy, you can even make your own pom poms at home.

Fun gifts_pom pom kitchen towelsPaddywax candle gifts

Some other great gifts are Read the rest of this entry »