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Easy wedding table cards

I’ve never planned a wedding, but when I do, I’m calling Linda (my colleague and regular blog contributor). Look at this easy wedding table card idea she shared with me – just a table tent with a beautiful rubber stamp and an expression note attached with eyelets. We have expression notes printed with wonderful sayings, but you could print your own with words or numbers and use the same design.

Wedding table number idea

I just used our table tents for a baby shower to mark the favor table and baby shower gifts – they’re so easy to use and make an impact. Try them at your next dinner party (a sign to list featured drinks at the bar or items on the buffet), and of course, they’re perfect for a wedding.

This also made me think – what would I use for wedding table names? Have you seen any creative wedding table name ideas?

PS colors: lake & chocolate
Latest fave: Printable Labels

Perfecting kids crafts by learning from the experts

What’s more fun then an energetic group of kids (girls ages 4-10 and one brave 8 year old boy) and a bunch of cool papers, shape cards, glitter glue, ribbon and shiny gems? On a rainy Saturday morning, nothing!

In order to learn more about what kids love to work with when crafting, we hosted a “test market” crafting session at our Evanston store several weeks ago. We hoped to find out what excited the kids and see how they would react to the craft projects we had for them. We also hoped to learn how age affected what they most enjoyed. One thing that clearly stood out in our test group was that young girls loved embellishing their art with adhesive rhinestones and pearls. They put them on everything, and lots of them!

Kids holiday craftsKids holiday crafts_stockings

This test group also confirmed something that we had learned at previous testing sessions – kids love having lots of fun materials, but limited instruction. They want to be let loose and to create with few boundaries (though, don’t we all?). This is a helpful learning for our Craft Team, as we wrap up the development of our 2010 Holiday Kits and “spring” into Valentine’s 2011!

Keep in mind the joy of a table full of colorful crafting goodies (for you and your kids) on your next rainy summer morning!

– Cindy
PS colors: persimmon & paper bag
Latest fave: Keep Calm and Carry On Water Bottle and Colored Dots Insulated Lunch Bag

From house pet to holiday card

Inspiration comes from anywhere and anything, and in the case of this Valentine’s Day card it came from Fabra’s adorable Boston Terrier, Archie! As the intern here at Paper Source, I’ve gotten the chance to observe the unexpectedly extensive process that one simple greeting card design goes through, before winding up at our stores ready to be sold.

The first step after an idea is conceived is its design. Elements such as print method, fonts, color, size, imagery, and copy all must be taken into account. For this card, one of our graphic designers, Elaine, used an existing image of a Boston Terrier as inspiration for her hand-drawn computer image. She made sure that the dog had the right angle and facial expression in order to create a strong composition with lots of character. Once the design is created, it goes through an approval process. Often there are color, composition or sentiment tweaks that must be made in order to prefect the card.

ArchiePaper Source Valentines Day card

Something I was able to help with this summer was brainstorming the messages that will be displayed on the inside and outside of new card designs. Paper Source is all about collaboration, especially in design where the more ideas and perspectives the merrier. Read the rest of this entry »