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The Big Easy Masks

mardi_gras_masks_crownsAs a Midwesterner, I have trouble celebrating Mardi Gras. It’s usually cold. It’s usually gray. And the voodoo around here just isn’t the same.

Sure, I honor the holiday with a batch of étouffée. I even go as far as accepting my father-in-law’s usual Sazerac offer, despite not yet developing a taste for this potent cocktail. Still, it never feels like I do the Carnival justice.

But, earlier this year I had a chance to visit New Orleans for the first time. (Hello New Orleans, long time lover, first time visitor!) I was escorted by seasoned visitors the Sazerac-loving father-in-law, queen of bayou cuisine mother-in-law, and my fun-loving Mister. We tackled that town like it was sprouting legs and running away– hitting the St. Louis Cemetery to visit famous Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau, riding the St. Charles Streetcar through the Garden District, and watching quintessential blues legend Dr. John perform at Tipitina’s.

Oh, the French Quarter? We tackled that too. And, boy, did we eat.

So, this year, the Carnival season not only seems possible, it seems necessary. Read the rest of this entry »