Vote in the Arctic Election Campaign Poster

In the midst of election season, there is only one question on everyone’s mind: Which arctic critter should rein over the frigid waters of the north? Our polar friends have hit our stores across the nation, grabbing the hearts of fans and dividing our creative community with their cuteness. Get to know our candidates, and decide for yourself who should win the 2016 Arctic Election.

About the candidates:

Vote for Narwhal Campaign Poster

If you’re looking for a fun presidency, look no further than Narwhal! Though a beautiful and majestic creature, Narwhal has proven itself to be more than just a pretty face. Being the perfect combination of whale and unicorn, Narwhal unites both land and sea. Those who value imagination and creativity will see themselves in Narwhal and its campaign. Narwhal’s happy-go-lucky nature will make for a fun, lighthearted presidency.

Vote for Walrus Campaign Poster

Those who know Walrus know that it is the most “chill” of the arctic critters. As an inhabitant of both land and water, Walrus will be sure to include everyone in this election. Walrus’ laid-back demeanor means that it is ready to sit back and let this election unfold. If you’re hoping for a cool and chill presidency, then Walrus is the candidate for you!


With the holiday season approaching, it is hard to say which of these arctic creatures will be best suited to lead us through it. Some want a cheery holiday season full of fun and excitement, while others are looking forward to getting some time off to chill on the couch.

It’s up to you to decide which arctic creature will win our 2016 Arctic Election. Stop by our store or vote online by November 8th to elect your favorite. Make sure to follow along with Arctic 2016 coverage to see how these candidates are doing in the campaign waters.


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