1. Be Resolute – Start 2017 Off Right!

    The end of year festivities, though fun, can be extremely exhausting. While holiday celebrations with family during Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas make those times so special, now that it’s over, it’s time to prepare for the New Year ahead. We’ve curated a list of ways to unwind and detox from 2016, so we can start on a positive note in the New Year of 2017!  Read More

  2. New Year’s Munchin’ & Brunchin’ With Guest Blogger Love Always, Audrey

    As the holiday season winds down and the New Year approaches, we want to slow things down and start 2017 by reflecting on our goals and setting intentions for the new year. We did exactly that with our friend from Love Always, Audrey! Audrey planned a brunch where she gathered her closest friends, ate amazing food and generated a list of resolutions that she wants to accomplish in 2017. Here’s Audrey:
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  3. Top 15 of 2015

    Top 15 of 2015

    Soft White Printable Place Cards
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  4. How to Upcycle Your 2015 Calendars & Planners

    As I turn the final page on my planner and flip the final month on my calendar, I am always excited, not just at the prospect of it being a new year, but also for the opportunity to buy a cute new calendar and planner. While Paper Source has me covered when it comes to beautiful products to replace my 2015 items, there is still that twinge of guilt when it comes to tossing out the old to make room for the new – there’s a reason I chose those artfully chic calendars and planners the year prior, and it pains me to see them get discarded. I can’t be the only one, though, right?

    Don’t cast aside those 2015 calendars and planners just yet, though! It’s about time to upcycle old datebooks, and I’m here to give you a few ways as to how to keep those designs alive for a bit longer (if not forever)!

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  5. Weekend Wants: Journals

    When starting off the new year, it’s always important to stay focused on your goals and to take time to reflect. Here are three of our favorite journals and notebooks that are sure to make writing a lot more fun.

    It only takes five minutes. We’ve all been there: we resolve to record our daily thoughts more, and then stop after only a few weeks. If this sounds like you, you’re going to love The Five Minute Journal. Each day only takes about five minutes, and includes prompts for both morning and night to keep the positivity flowing. (If you like the idea of being prompted every day, you should also check out our One Line a Day journals, Q&A a Day 5 Year Journal and the Q&A a Day for Kids 3 Year Journal.)


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  6. Weekend Wants: New Year’s Party

    Are you ready to ring in the new year? Here are some of our favorite things to make your party perfect. Pick them up at your local store!

    Photo Booth Fun. Brand new for this year, this New Year’s Photo Props Kit will provide tons of fun for a D.I.Y. photobooth. Have everyone take goofy pics as a way to start the year off right!



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  7. Paper Source’s New Year Paper Lantern-Themed Party


    Things get mighty hectic around Paper Source during the holiday season, so this year, we decided to start a new tradition with a New Year’s Party.  Our Human Resources director came to us with a picture of Moroccan lanterns that inspired her, and a theme centered around light, warmth and renewal.

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  8. Looking Back: The Best of Paper Source 2013

    As we sit at the beginning of a new year, we’re taking a little time to reflect on all the good times and get-togethers we’ve had with families and friends in 2013, facilitated by a little creativity and a lot of gorgeous paper! (Hint: don’t miss a chance to win at the end of this blog!)

    wedding invitation

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  9. Postcards from my sister

    As letter writers, we were tickled when Stephanie told us about her New Year’s resolution. We thought her story would inspire your creativity and, for those of you with sisters or loved ones who live afar, touch your heart.

    We hope you enjoy this story and the inspiring year ahead!

    I am so lucky to have an incredibly amazing sister who just so happens to live on the other side of the world– Sydney, Australia to be exact. Several years ago (when she lived oh-so-much closer) we went through a brief phase where we would send each other wacky postcards that we found on our journeys. It was always such an unexpected surprise to go the mailbox and find a postcard mixed in with the bills, magazines and junk mail that awaited me. It’s so rare to receive a piece of handwritten mail these days and these little cards brightened my spirit. They made me laugh, they warmed my heart and they made me think of my beautiful sister and remember how dear she is to me.

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  10. How-to: new years party hats

    New Years party hats

    If you’re having a New Years party or are looking for New Years activities for your family, you must make these glittery gold New Years party hats! CBS 2 Chicago (click to view) even featured them as a fun way to get kids involved at New Years. You could, of course, use this party hat design in different colors with different stamped messages for other celebratory occasions!

    PS colors: gravel & beet
    Latest fave: Tree Trunk Tea Light and Japanese 8 1/4″ Scissors

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