Paper Source’s New Year Paper Lantern-Themed Party


Things get mighty hectic around Paper Source during the holiday season, so this year, we decided to start a new tradition with a New Year’s Party.  Our Human Resources director came to us with a picture of Moroccan lanterns that inspired her, and a theme centered around light, warmth and renewal.

Check out our instructions for creating the pear-shaped Lantern (top, middle) and geometric lantern (top, right) at the bottom of this post!

With a palette of White, Cream, Silver, Bronze, Mint, Royal and Coral, paper lanterns of all shapes and sizes were created for the event, and accented with coordinating ribbon and orchids.  With battery-operated candles inside, a warm, convivial glow was cast over the whole event.

These accent lanterns in the cupboard are super easy to make (you may have even done so as a kid!)  If not, check out the instructions at the bottom of the post!

For instructions on creating this megastar lantern, check out the bottom of the post!

The designs came from the minds of many contributing employees.  Here are how to make just a few of them!

Accent Lanterns

These little guys are simple to make and sturdy enough to stand on a table by themselves, but are also ripe for hanging as well!

  1. Fold a piece of paper in half along its width.
  2. Cut lines across the fold towards the outer edges.  Leave a margin of an inch or two.
  3. For an extra-fancy touch, you can punch holes along the outer edges.
  4. Unfold and bring the paper’s lengthwise edges together and adhere them with tape, glue or staples!

Pear-Shaped Lantern (featured in the second photo)

This is a really easy one!  Simply cut strips of paper of equal lengths, then connect all of the strips at one end using a brad.  Join the other end of the strips together at the top and finish off with another brad, add a string and hang!

Geometric Lantern (featured in the second photo, on the right)

We followed this Megan Allan Cole‘s terrific tutorial video on  All you need is an exacto knife, paper, a cutting mat and a lust for triangles!

Megastar Lantern (last photo)

This lantern was certainly the belle of the ball!  Grab a stapler and 15 sheets of equally-sized paper.  It doesn’t matter the size, as long as they are all exactly the same.

  1. Fold each piece of paper once, lengthwise.
  2. Fold each corner of each paper in towards the center fold-line, as if you were making a paper airplane with two noses.
  3. Arrange your first 5 pieces of paper so that they are lined up across your work surface, width-wise.
  4. Staple adjoining creases together.  It is very important that the staple lie precisely within the crease!
  5. Arrange your next 5 pieces of paper so that they are lined up both across your work surface, length-wise, and flush to your previous row of 5.  Staple adjacent creases.
  6. Follow suit with the last 5 pieces of paper.  As you adjoin creases, you will eventually close the lantern together into its final, starry shape!


We’ve just fallen in love with paper lanterns since the party and would like to know… do you have any paper-lantern tricks or patterns of your own you’d like to share?

Looking Back: The Best of Paper Source 2013

As we sit at the beginning of a new year, we’re taking a little time to reflect on all the good times and get-togethers we’ve had with families and friends in 2013, facilitated by a little creativity and a lot of gorgeous paper! (Hint: don’t miss a chance to win at the end of this blog!)

wedding invitation

We first revisit Stephen C.’s gorgeous train-ticket inspired wedding invitations. His invitations demonstrate that minimal, high quality materials like our #10 gold shimmer envelopes and #10 notecards are enough to really make your own design ingenuity shine!

Oscars Party

Next, we created a simple yet glamorous Oscars Party using gold chevron as our theme. Last year, we used wrapping paper for placemats, but now, we have fantastic, customizable placemats in a variety of colors and designs including the very Oscar-worthy Gold Confetti!

space themed onesies

 In the summer, we threw an outer space-themed baby shower for our beloved art director, Karen. Small details and simple supplies made all the difference in this ethereal bash: a sundae bar with celestial-themed toppings, hand-painted onesies themed after the solar system, and a gorgeous, hand-painted keepsake box to hold them in!

Later in the year, we were inspired by Houston customer Kristina’s paper wedding décor! Kristina proved that a small wedding budget makes for a no less gorgeous experience than an expensive one. Her pool-colored pompoms, pinwheels, and large-scale paper flowers created a festive and personal atmosphere; after all, most of the decorations were made by herself and a bridesmaid. She even created her own miniature pinwheel cake-topper!

We’re looking forward to 365 more days of making everyday celebrations extraordinary! That’s what we love so much about partying with paper: it’s beautiful, economical, and best of all– with the advice of any Paper Source store associate or this blog– incredibly easy to realize your creative vision for your next event.

So, to send this year off right, we’d like to turn it over to you: what is one of the best party hosting/decorating tips you’ve ever learned from Paper Source? Tell us in the comments, and one lucky winner will receive a $100 gift card!

Comment by January 9, 2014. Winner will be selected at random on January 10th and notified via email.


UPDATE**  We have a winner!  Thank you Amy B. for this little gem: “I especially loved the how-to tassel garland you shared with us back in July. So festive and fun, this garland will truly make any occasion extra special. Your tutorials and great ideas will definitely help as I prepare to host my sister-in-laws upcoming baby shower! I love you Paper Source!”

A great, big thank you to all of you for your readership, participation and creativity!

Custom Holiday Accents

There are a lot of ways to celebrate the holidays this season, but one of our favorite ways is to create a custom experience for you and your loved ones!

In addition to our gift wrap (we have everything from cute critters to bold solids, to Christmas classics), you can spice up your packaging with these customizable tags–sure to make your gift special before it’s even opened!

Having a holiday soiree? Whether you’re serving eggnog with all the traditional fixings, or planning a more contemporary fete, these napkins and coasters can be customized to fit your party’s personality. (We also like the idea of letting guests take home the coasters to re-use and remember the fun!)

What’s a party without some goodies to take home? Send your party go-ers home with treats nestled in these cutomizable bags! It’s the details that make the difference, and we love that these are pretty enough to display throughout your event!

We offer holiday accents that will help you celebrate the season with festive finishes and personal touches. See these and other personalized gifts and our assortment holiday decor online or at your local store.

Scary, Spooky, Crafty, Kooky…Halloween Ideas

October means one thing here at Paper Source— Countdown to Halloween! This haunting holiday presents great crafting opportunities that are scary, spooky and kooky… which is the perfect recipe for fun in our book! Here are a few of our favorite Halloween ideas to get you ready to celebrate the tricks and treats of the season.

Get Your Stoop Spooktacular: Ways to Prep for Trick or Treaters

Whether or not you have kids in your home, trick or treating can seem daunting. If you’re planning a night out with your kids or prepping your home for visitors at your doorstep, here’s how to make October 31st a fun and easy event!

Before your trick or treaters arrive, make sure your door is prepped and ready for the little guests. Adding pumpkins to a stoop is sure to make your house more inviting. Here’s a fun alternative to carving (that takes less skill and time!): Sticky Pumpkin Face Kit.

Either on a natural pumpkin, or fun painted ones.

Photography by Roberto Caruso. Original post.

Not feeling like you want to dress up? Don a mask from our Halloween Masks Kit for an easy way to entertain the kids. You can switch them out through the night to keep things interesting.

Paper Source Halloween Masks Kit

Time to give out treats! We love the idea of using treat bags (pictured below) to hold fun-sized candy bars or an assortment of goodies. Not only is this packaging festive, but it gives kids an extra little surprise when they open them at home. BONUS: You’ll curb the urge kids have to sift through your basket to find the best stuff!

Try our bags with stamps, stickers, or washi tape (or your own combination of the three).

Bootiful Decorations

Ready to throw a Halloween hangout? Here are some ideas to get your space looking ready to fright and delight.

Set the tone with garlands, which can be placed across a mantle or on a wall. These adornments are sure to spook-up your space.

If you need more decorations, try these Sticky Bats, which are re-positionable and come in a ‘colony’ (pack of 16).

Freaky Flyers! Sticky Bats Kit

Need to serve up some drinks? We’re drinking up this creepy Kool-Aid. Ad when you’re serving it up, instead of plain Solo cups, try using Chalk stickers so guests can get creative and doodle or write their character name for the night.

Photography by Kevin Kennefick for Storey Publishing. Original Post.

And finally, you might need some tasty treats to send guests home with (or serve up right at the party). How yummy do these popcorn balls look? Dress them up with your favorite Halloween-colored toppings.

Chocolate Covered Caramel Popcorn Balls. Photography and recipe from Diethood.

Serve them up with style in these homemade Take Out Boxes (step by step instructions can be found in the link!)—stamp and decorate as you wish.

A great way to create and celebrate!

Friday Fun: Favor Bag Ideas

If there’s one thing we love, it’s throwing a party… and one of our favorite aspects of hosting an event are the favors. Not only are favors a wonderful treat for your guests, but they also offer a blank canvas for creating wonderful little packages.

Here are a few of our DIY favor ideas…

favor bag ideas

Our Small White Treat Bags offer a nice clean surface that can be decorated with stamps, ribbon or personalized with a simple clothespin and gift tag

favor bag ideas

Our Kraft Bags can be embellished in a multitude of ways; we especially love to dress up the edges by using a Doily Lace Edge Punch around the tops before folding them over.

favor bag ideas

Small Cello Bags are a fabulous option when its contents are something colorful:  gumdrops, jellybeans or confetti, perhaps? They take an easy, modern turn when sealed and decorated with a bit of washi tape.

favor bag ideas

favor bag ideas

Want to strike a vintage vibe?  Our Burlap Drawstring Bags and Muslin Bags  are an elegant (and reusable!) option on their own but their real charm comes through when decorated with ribbons, gift tags and even ink embellishment!

For directions on how to make these or to find other DIY favor bag ideas, visit:

Ice Pop Garland Kit (Recipes Too!)

Just because the kids are heading back to school doesn’t mean that summer is over. The new Ice Pop Garland Kit is the perfect reminder of refreshing, sun-filled days ahead. The promise of something sweet and cold in bright cheery colors is enough to inspire a party.

Since these colorful paper treats are a hit among kids and adults, we scoured Pinterest for equally delightful recipes that would complement a summer party or after-school gathering.

ice pop

Take a bite out of these delicious treats:

1. Apricot & Strawberry Yogurt Pops from 3191 Miles Apart
2. Nutella Fudgecicles from The Daily Waffle
3. Stawberry & Banana Pops from Williams-Sonoma
4. Assorted Fruit Pops from Chez Beeper Bebe

Kids love making their own treats. And, the best part for you?… It’s still nice out, so they can enjoy them outside, where sticky hands can be hosed off afterwards!

Navigating Nautical: A Summer With Paper Source

Don’t get tied into knots! Get in ship shape for your summer party or weekend cookout with our nautical finds. Not sure what floats your boat? Let us navigate you through the waters.

Set the scene for your best party yet with a little help from our Nautical Garland Kit. This Paper Source exclusive garland looks great on walls, hanging from ceilings, or draped across tables!

Go coastal by decorating your home with rustic accents printed with heart-warming summer mantras like All You Need Is Love And The Beach or This Is My Happy Place. Or, get a helping hand in the kitchen with the octopus hook (great for wet towels!).

Fill your cupboards with creature-friendly accessories designed exclusively by Paper Source. Our Nautical Glasses and Sea Life Plates are sure to be a hit with kids and parents all year round!

Looking for a simple ode to the clear, blue waters of the season? Available for only one year (to celebrate the 100th anniversary), Ball is producing their iconic pint jars in a beautiful blue hue. Fill with your signature parfait, adorn your beverages with paper straws, personalized goodies with labels, or decorate with washi tape, these special edition jars are perfect for a nautical summer.

nautical crafts

Our nautical crafts are another great way to celebrate the sun. Create a pirate perfect invitation or a sweet treat with seaside flair.

maritime knot

Attending a summer birthday? This maritime knot accent is a great way to celebrate their day. Find instructions to make a maritime knot accent on our blog.

And that’s just the beginning. Steer your ship to our website or your local store to check out our entire fleet of nautical gifts and accents.

Bon Voyage!

Out of this World Baby Shower + Ice Cream Sundae Bar!

At Paper Source, we love baby showers, and none was more special than one we recently hosted for our favorite Paper Source couple: Karen, creative director, and Sean, inventory control specialist. With help from the talented Design team, we pulled together a wonderfully sweet celestial celebration.

Our first step is always to come up with a great theme. Karen and Sean pointed us in the right direction by revealing that their nursery would have a constellation theme with colors of Night, Poppy and Gravel. And, like many a mom-to-be before her, Karen was constantly craving ice cream. Perfect!…a space-themed baby shower featuring tasty ice cream treats.

ice cream sundae bar

I scream, You scream… we took our ice cream sundae bar to the next level by featuring creative topping combinations. Our sign didn’t lie – these sundaes were out of this world! Some of our favorite recipes were the Salty Space Dog (caramel, peanuts, potato chips), Red Planet (toasted coconut, chocolate sauce, cinnamon & cayenne dust), and Spunky Dunker, inspired by Karen’s high school job at a local doughnut shop (vanilla glaze, doughnut holes, chocolate espresso beans). Galvanized tubs held root beer and orange soda for making floats, and rich vanilla and chocolate ice cream to create sundaes.

ice cream sundae recipes

We used our gift display as the feature wall in the room. Claudia created a wonderful “We Love You to the Moon and Back” poster that is now framed as art in the baby’s nursery. The Design team illustrated a fantastic collection of space themed onesies numbered 1-12 so baby can wear one each month during his first year. The planets (including honorary Pluto), plus the sun, moon, and stars got us to the 12 we needed. The onesies hung along a clothesline for all to see, and Maria created a stunning hand-painted box to hold these special onesies in the years to come.

space themed onesies

sun onesieneptune onesie

love you to the moon and backbaby shower painted box

Our baby shower game was unconventional, but perfect for the event. Have you ever heard of a little girl name Andromeda or Luna? In Stellar Baby Names, we asked guests to decide whether each celestial-themed baby name was for a boy or girl.

space baby shower game

And because no event is complete without a parting favor, guests left with a moon pie as a thank you for celebrating Karen, Sean and their little bundle.

space baby shower favors

moon pie shower favors

We’re over the moon about meeting Baby Davis later this month!

– Ann

Favorite PS colors: peacock & slate
Favorite PS product: Chevron Table Wrapping Paper

Paper Source Spotted: Jenna Bush Hager’s Bookworm Baby Shower

Image from NBC

Earlier this month, TODAY Show correspondent Jenna Bush Hager and her soon-to-arrive firstborn were honored by the NBC family. Her NBC co-hosts and friends threw a book themed baby shower at the Peter Callahan Catering Studio in New York. With a theme centered around books and words of wisdom, the event included a few key accents from Paper Source.

Image from NBC

Jenna’s four-tiered diaper cake was wrapped in Burlap Ribbon, draped in peaceful Olive Leaves, accented with our Burlap Flowers, and topped with the ever-popular Sophie the Giraffe.

kraft lettersImage from NBC

The hosts tied in an alphabet element by hanging kraft letters with burlap ribbon for an educational and adorable accent to the day’s events.

Image from NBC

Gifts and wishes were offered to mom and baby in the form of books! Inside covers were signed by friends in good humor and wisdom, a trend that is likely to start a bookworm baby boom. Journals and books are a fun and unique way to share moments with friends, loved ones and newborns!

Image from NBC

Favors were presented in burlap bags, which complimented the diaper cake perfectly. Guests were given a few seasonal treats like earrings and nail polish. The items were stuffed with Paper Source Wasp printed tissue paper and tied off with decorative ribbon from our collection.

We were excited to see how our products inspired this special event and even more tickled to learn that Jenna, Henry and their families welcomed Margaret Laura ‘Mila’ Hager to the world this weekend. We look forward to the creative celebrations that follow!

Throwing a shower of your own? See other baby shower ideas from Paper Source.