PS Mini Desk Calendar accordion

At Paper Source, we’re constantly working to come up with interesting and beautiful ways to do calendars. Last year, we launched our first wall art calendar, a large-scale poster display of gorgeous saturated color. This year, we had a “paper engineering” brainstorm to come up with a fun new take on a monthly calendar– we were aiming for something neat and small, yet super utilitarian. And thus was born the Mini Calendar. It’s so multi-talented, we like to think of it as our little workhorse.

PS Mini Desk Calendar folded in easel2

PS Mini Desk Calendar cube2

Displayed flat on a wall or accordion-style on a desk, the Mini shows 6 months at a time of multi-dimensional color, which is both yummy and great for planning and scheduling long term projects (like, I don’t know, product development maybe…). So grown-up! Or it can also be displayed on the easel or folded into a cube to display one month at a glance, thus preserving precious desk space. How very thoughtful! Lastly, it can be collapsed and thrown into your coat pocket or bag for quick reference. Hey, that train ride home can still be productive. We hope you like.

PS colors: gravel & chocolate
Latest fave: Teflon bone folder


5 Responses

  1. donna says:

    LOVE THIS! so perfect for gifting, too. 🙂

  2. andrea says:

    love this! it’s too cute.

    do you guys ever work with freelancers?

  3. Reina says:

    love this baby cutie!!

  4. Andrew says:

    Hi may i know what is the price range for the mini card calendar? and can i custom print these card calendars as well ? thanks.