How-to: Mother’s Day Silhouette

Mother's Day Craft

Give mom something to remember this Mother’s Day. This silhouette project allows you to create a wonderful paper cameo that you can use as a small home decor piece or as a handmade card. It’s a gift she is sure to adore.

Materials Needed:


    1. Take a profile photograph (actual photo or printout of a photo) and trace onto Vellum paper to create the silhouette shape.
    2. Cut out the silhouette shape black paper with scissors or craft knife.
    3. Trim fine paper to fit your card or box mailer.
    4. Cut an oval or circle out of white paper, and mount onto a sheet of fine paper using Super Tacky Tape.
    5. Mount silhouette shape onto oval or circle (use foam squares if desired to add dimension).
    6. Print or cut out a banner from Superfine White paper and use to add a personal message.

You can create silhouettes using our precision cutting machine, the Silhouette Cameo. This tool is especially helpful if you plan to make multiples of the silhouette. Begin by following the first two steps above, tracing the profile photograph onto Vellum paper, and cutting from Black paper. Then scan the black silhouette cut out and place into the Silhouette program.

Try this approach or the wall hanging option featured in the Paper Source catalog and online.

– Claudia
PS colors: curry & fuchsia
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