Make a maritime knot accent

maritime knot

Show off your nautical side with this maritime knot accent. Fashion your own accent using our red jute twine and a few twists. Follow the photos below to create this gift wrap accent or modify for a DIY bracelet or decorative embellishment.

how to tie a maritime knot
First determine your use and cut two strands to accommodate the item you need to wrap, so that together the strands will fit your item. Add an inch or two to assure you have room to finish. Then add more strands based on the desired thickness of your knot – we used six strands, two groups of three.

maritime knot how to
Since we planned to set this knot off-center on the package, we wove with center landing a third of the way on the string. You can always center your knot.

maritime knot how to
Once a loop is created on one side, create the same loop and thread through the other with an over-under weaving method – use the photo as your guide.

nautical knot
Smooth out your loose knot, laying each strand of cord flat and making sure there are no tangles. Then, slowly pull the ends to tighten your knot, adjusting the strands as you pull to make sure they do not overlap.

maritime knot

In this execution we took the loose ends around the box, crossing on the bottom and pulling around to the sides. To keep our nautical theme going we secured the sides with another maritime knot. (No glue or tape needed!) We finished with a anchor rubber stamp that we heat embossed on a Chalkstock gift tag – perfect for your favorite sailor!

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