Paper Source How-To: Father’s Day Anchor Card

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Dad’s big day is coming up (Father’s Day is Sunday, June 21) and we love the idea of making a card with a personal touch. This nautical-themed greeting is the perfect idea for a dad that loves the water. Stop by a store near you to get these supplies in time!




  1. Download this free label template and print it on the circle labels.
  2. Adhere the Royal Blue paper to the 4 bar folded card with double-sided tape or a tape runner.
  3. Stick the circle label to the front of the assembled card.
  4. Stamp the Anchor stamp with Versamark or red ink.
  5. Coat the anchor with red embossing powder and heat set  (watch our embossing video here).
  6. Tie Baker’s Twine around the spine of the card.
  7. Line the envelope with the Anchors and Waves gift wrap (watch our envelope lining video here).

From a Recruiter: How Our Store Samples Are Made

Our new “From a Recruiter” series will give an inside look at what it’s like to interview and work for Paper Source. Written by Cara Pacholski, our Field Recruitment Manager, you’ll get a sneak peek at stories, tips and tricks from our store recruitment team. 


Paper Source has so many inspiring things happening behind the scenes, and we love sharing some of the unique people and processes that go into making our stores such creative spaces.

Store samples. Did you know that every single craft sample you see in stores is hand-crafted at our Paper Source headquarters in Chicago? Our sample makers, Estela and Maria Olga, make 130 samples of each craft design you see at your local store!


Estela (left) and Maria Olga (right)

Samples are made for everything from stationery, gift tags, kits and more. Our goal is for people to walk into any store and get inspired by all of the possibilities our crafting supplies can make. None of this would be possible without Estela and Maria!

Samples are made seasonally and to refresh store displays so we’re featuring the newest and most exciting designs and products. They also start from scratch and create all of the samples we need every time we open a new store (we’re opening 10 this year)!


Some of the samples you see, but might not realize they created, are:

  • Every store rosette
  • Flower samples
  • All rubber stamp samples with embossing
  • All kit samples
  • Everyday invitation/cards/announcement samples with lined envelopes
  • Store window display pieces

And not only do they do all of this, but they do it with a level of perfection that even our most devoted crafters are in awe of! We couldn’t do it without them!


Another thing we do behind-the-scenes that might surprise you… we plan out all of our store window displays! Before the pieces get to Maria and Estela, we have a dedicated team that finds inspiration in our latest products and crafts, and transforms them into large-scale inviting displays.

It’s probably no shock that right now we’re focused on our new Calendars and Planners. Our 2016 line includes new and updated products with design call-outs like:


So how do we show all of these great designs off? …. We put them in our store window! Here’s a sneak peek at our upcoming windows, which are currently under construction! We start but laying out design out on the floor, and later hang it up with clear wire in a mock-window. Once our design is finalized, the pieces are sent to Maria and Estela, who prepare all the pieces for the stores.

Stop by our stores for a better look at our intricate samples and engaging windows!



Father’s Day Finds

As Father’s Day quickly approaches, make sure you give dad something he’ll really love. Here are some of our favorite, and truly unique, gift ideas for all dads!


For the cook: Surprise your chef with these innovative kitchen tools! Whether amateur or professional, any cook is guaranteed to appreciate the extra conveniences these gifts provide. From the Bar10der tool (with TEN tools in one!) to Whiskey Rocks that will keep dad’s next drink cool. what’s best for you pop?


For the DIY’er: These gifts are for the dad who loves to figure things out on his own. From repairing his own bike to having a survival credit card, he’ll be sure to use these practical gifts for his next project!


For the outdoorsman: If your dad considers himself a version of Bear Grylls, here are great gift ideas for him. These tools are essential for a weekend trip away or a summer camping adventure.


For the BEST.DAD.EVER.: No matter what your dad is into, he will love getting these reminders of just how awesome you think he is.


Father’s Day is a great time to show dad just how much he means to you. Whatever you get your pop, we hope it comes from the heart! (And don’t forget the card!)

A Chic Office

Designing your perfect workspace doesn’t have to be hard. Here are some quick and easy ideas sure to take your desk from drab to fab.


The most important thing is finding that perfect planner or calendar. We’re excited to launch our new Personalized Planners for a truly unique look that reflects your personality. With bold graphics and designs exclusively from Paper Source, plus the chance to add your own text and font choices, you’ll end up with one amazing agenda. The inside is just as impressive – with a front pocket for storing receipts and reminders, laminated tabs for easy navigation plus monthly and weekly views with plenty of room for notes.


Once you’ve found your ideal planner, add desk accessories that complement your style. If you can make the little, everyday things more fun, you’ll likely be more productive. For instance, you could use a basic pen – but why? We love this Kate Spade New York Polka Dot Ballpoint Pen that will make even the most mundane notes feel a little fancy. You could also go for some bold ink with LePen, or clever sayings from Old school clipboards are back in – but this Gold Clipboard is definitely a more elevated version than you’re used to. Use it for notes on the go, or as a super quick way to hang an art print!


You can use Chalkboard Wallies to plan out big projects without causing any clutter (don’t forget the Chalk Markers). And speaking of avoiding clutter, keep your phone and tech gear all in one place with the Wooden USB Organizer, which also corrals stray pens and pencils. Our new and exclusive Painted Brushstrokes Foil Pocket Folders (set of 2) are not only colorful, but super modern with a touch of gold foil. And finally, your office should reflect you! Display pictures, postcards, ticket stubs and more with this Hangit Display, which can be shown horizontally or vertically.

How are you decking out your desk? Share your favorite planner design and office tips in the comments section!

Paper Source How-To: Bike Decor

You may have noticed, but we’re kind of digging bikes lately. They look great on aprons, journals, glassware and more. Here are some ideas on how to turn this athletic theme into decor perfect for any space. The great thing? These statement pieces are super easy!

Ride On decor

A Custom Mat
Take your custom artwork to the next level! We simply placed our Bike Art Print on top of Peacock Cover Weight Paper (sized larger than the print) in frame.


Colorful Bikes
Brighten up any space with these special spokes. To copy the look, craft the bikes from the Bicycle Garland Kit and adhere them to Black & White Herringbone fine paper.


Ride On!
If you’re looking for something a little more advanced, try this statement piece. Download the Silhouette file (note: you need to have a CAMEO machine for this one!) and produce the letters (we used Peacock and Chartreuse Cover Weight Paper). Adhere with Foam Squares on top of Black & White Striped Wrapping Paper.


Which one’s your favorite?

We Love our Paper Source Moms!

Paper Source would like to wish a Happy Mother’s Day to all moms! To celebrate, we’re spotlighting four mamas from our Paper Source family. Read on for their lessons as working moms, and what Paper Source item they wish their kiddos would gift them!



Being a mom is hard! What are some of the advantages of being a working mom at Paper Source?

“There’s always lots of great ideas for quick kids crafts and class projects, plus great teacher’s gift ideas!”
–Heather H., General Manager of Paper Source Direct-to-Consumer

“When Tommy was born I was able to work one day a week from home. It’s also been nice to have an open, easygoing office with whom to share my stories about him; and people either fake that they are entertained or actually do enjoy my mom stories. People ask about him on a daily basis, which is nice.” [Editor's Note: We really do love hearing about Tommy!]
–Gretchen O., Assistant Buyer

“Having leaders who understand and appreciate the importance of work-life balance is a wonderful thing.”
–Tara K., Regional Recruiter

“I was fortunately able to adjust my role within the Recruitment Department to support the balance needed with being a new mama; including part time hours, work from home as needed and no travel. Additionally, Paper Source built out a mother’s room for nursing.”
–Leah L., Recruitment Coordinator


What have your learned, as a working mom, that has surprised you?

“I’ve learned that having a balance between work and home makes me focus our time at home on creating great memories with my girls!”
–Heather H., General Manager of Paper Source Direct-to-Consumer

“I’ve learned that the structure and company that work provides is good balance to the craziness and unpredictability of home life.”
–Gretchen O., Assistant Buyer

“I’ve learned that having true passion for what you do daily so important –  your happiness is their happiness!”
–Tara K., Regional Recruiter

“How important and sacred my work as a mother is, as well as how important my work outside being a mother is. The two practices support one another in making myself whole.”
–Leah L., Recruitment Coordinator


What items would you want from Paper Source for Mother’s Day if your little one(s) could shop?

“New desk accessories for my office, Custom Note Pads or the Mom’s One Line a Day Journal with a handmade card!”
–Heather H., General Manager of Paper Source Direct-to-Consumer

“I would love the Rifle Paper Co. Chicago Art Print.”
–Gretchen O., Assistant Buyer

“Anybody who knows me will tell you I love everything at Paper Source! But I would love some new stationery.”
–Tara K., Regional Recruiter

Greeting cards and handmade craft! Both from the great assortment we bring in and the D.I.Y. offering we have.” 
–Leah L., Recruitment Coordinator


Easy Mother’s Day (Paper) Upgrades

Breakfast in bed and a bouquet of pretty flowers are a Mother’s Day favorite for a reason. Kids and adults alike can participate; plus it’s a simple and cost effective way to show mom how much she means.

If you’re treating mom with these classics this year, add more detail with these fine paper finishing touches. (Hint: Pick a paper with mom’s favorite colors!)

Line her breakfast tray. Measure the surface of the tray and cut a piece of paper to size. Simply place it in the bottom for a look that screams posh & pampered.

breakfast tray

Also pictured and available in most stores: Vintage Milk Bottle with paper tape, Best Mom Ever Mug, Home is Where Your Mom Is Tea Towel and Poppies Flower Kit.


Wrap it up. Cover up the dingy store plastic and make your buds really shine.

boquet examples

For this look, you can use fine paper or wrapping paper. Use a wrap with a pattern mom will love, or dress up a solid with stamps or writing (especially cute from the kids). Watch our video below to see the step-by-step wrapping process. And when you’ve got the paper all set, finish with twine, a piece of washi tape or a hand-drawn tag.


We love these quick little touches that elevate the finished gift. Which will you try out?

[Pictured: Silver Dots on Slate Fine Paper with Cotton Wrapping Twine; Paper Bag Solid Wrapping Paper with Large Rose Rubber Stamp and Patch Tsugihagi Washi Tape; Sketch Flower Wrapping Paper with Black & White Baker's Twine, Scallop Punch and Paper; Paper Bag Solid Wrapping Paper with writing in White Chalk Ink Marker and Cotton Wrapping Twine.] 


From a Recruiter: Welcome to Paper Source

Our new “From a Recruiter” series will give an inside look at what it’s like to interview and work for Paper Source. Written by Cara Pacholski, our Field Recruitment Manager, you’ll get a sneak peek at stories, tips and tricks from our store recruitment team. 

recruitment thank you wall


“Welcome to Paper Source!”

These are the words our team loves to communicate to someone who is new to the company. As we begin our journey into the behind-the-scenes look at what it’s like to work for Paper Source, I wanted to share what our recruitment team is so passionate about. If you ask any of our PS recruiters (Stacy and Tara)  what they do, they will most likely tell you that they strive to bring in great talent. They help people fall back in love with their careers. They find leaders that can inspire both their teams and customers to be creative; helping them with special moments in their lives such as a wedding, baby shower, 50th wedding anniversary or more.

What we don’t get to do very often though is share the impact of our work after the right person is hired. Everybody is busy, but my office wall is filled with cards from former candidates thanking me for introducing them to Paper Source. These are special to me. Recently, one of those “wall of thanks” notes came via an email from a current Store Manager to one of the recruiters on my team, Stacy Smith. This made her day and I want to share.

This is what we love to do…

Hi Stacy!

I just wanted to reach out to you today to thank you. Exactly one year ago, today, you reached out to me about exploring opportunities at Paper Source. I can still remember that first call with you only a couple of days later and how that started me on my new career path with this great company. It truly changed my life for the better. I can’t thank you enough for being so instrumental in helping me get back to my core values as a Store Manager.

You’re the best!

We look forward to beginning to share some behind-the-scenes blogs; and remember to always check our website, where we continue to post current open positions both in the stores and in our HQ offices here in Chicago.

Enjoy your week and Do Something Creative Every  Day!

Supporting Our Partners in Nepal

As a company founded on the art of handcrafted paper, we were saddened by the tragic earthquake that devastated Nepal. Our Lokta fine papers are handcrafted in Nepal, and are the soul of our organization; we consider the skilled creators part of our Paper Source family. In an effort to support the difficult rebuilding process our Nepali friends are facing, Paper Source is donating 20% of Lokta paper purchase proceeds to support earthquake relief. We hope this effort will assist our Nepali partners in both rebuilding and promoting the Nepal commerce industry.

For a better understanding of the delicate and involved process of creating a beautiful fine paper, here’s a sneak peek into the life of our Lokta paper – before it gets to stores.


The very first step starts with the Lokta plant! Here you can see the bark, ready for the process to start.




The bark is cleaned thoroughly and then laid out to dry.




The cleaned bark is then reduced to a pulp.



The pulp is then poured into wooden frames, the same size as a standard sheet of fine paper (20″ x 30″).



The poured pulp is then set to dry in the sun.



After drying, the paper is colored an enchanting hue.



Papers are then silk screened, ensuring patterns are consistent.



After the design is on, papers are again hung to dry in the sun.



So much work goes into each sheet of beautiful fine paper. We hope this effort can help rebuild some of the devastation and drive commerce to Nepal and its skilled artisans.