Back to School: Lunchtime Tips

With long school days coming up (or for some of you, already starting!), kids need a good lunch to get them through the day. But between rushed mornings, picky eaters and repetitive food options, packing a lunch can be a hassle! We have a few tips and some products to help get you through a lunchtime rut.

Theses stainless steel containers are an earth-friendly way to pack a lunch. Having multiple sets and washing them right when the kids come home from school will help you to avoid going through dozens of plastic bags each week!

The Sweat Free Ice Pack has a recycled pouch- making it earth friendly while also keeping moisture off of food!

This insulated jar stays cool to the touch even with hot food inside. And if you want to make sure your food stays extra hot, here’s a tip: boil water, pour it into the thermos and let it sit before draining it and putting in your food. The hot water heats it up, so it’ll stay warm for longer (think of it like serving hot food on a warm plate!).

The collapsible lunch box is another great earth-friendly option for lunch. No plastic bags or silverware required. Have a picky eater who can’t stand when their foods are touching? If the two dividers aren’t enough, use cupcake papers for small snacks and veggies instead of plastic!

Let your child express their style with a fun lunch box!

The Packit Lunch Bag is freezable. Pop it in the freezer overnight and it’ll stay cold as ice for 10 hours- no ice pack required!

The black and white dots and coral stripe lunch bags are a cute way to tote around a lunch. They’re neoprene and will stay insulated for up to 4 hours.

What kid wouldn’t be excited for their lunch with this super cute hedgehog lunch box!

Stick this dry erase board in the most convenient spot in your kitchen and create a lunch chart. Create four columns; one each for protein, grain, fruit/veggie, and a fun snack. Pick from the columns randomly on days that you’re stumped to make packing go a little quicker! When you start getting tired of the options, simply erase and come up with something new!

Anther helpful hint to make lunch packing a breeze is to set up a lunch packing station! Have a cabinet or drawer with only lunch foods. Sort snacks into bins and keep them at kid level so the little ones can help put together lunches themselves! Do the same in the fridge- have a section for just lunch items. When everything is in one place it’s easy to just grab and go!

Another idea? Freeze sandwiches and smoothies at the beginning of the week- they double as ice packs and will thaw by lunch! (But when you freeze a sandwich make sure condiments go in between the meat and cheese (not on the bread) to avoid a soggy mess!)

What are some of your lunchtime shortcuts? Tell us in the comments!

Workshop: Learn to Letterpress

Until recently, if you wanted to experience the rewards of letterpressing your own cards you needed to acquire a quite large (up to 4,000 lbs!) and quite expensive (up to $10,000!) machine. We don’t know about you, but we don’t have that much space in our dining room and we’re not sure we can commit to living on ramen to pay it off!

No need to go to any extreme measure–the Evolution machine now comes with a letterpress kit; making this an accessible and super easy art form!

If you’re curious to see how this works or just interested in dabbling in a new technique, join us for our Letterpress Stationery Collection Workshop this Saturday, August 23rd. During the workshop you’ll learn how to use the Evolution machine to emboss, letterpress and create your own stationery set. Your five card collection will also come with a pocket folio and textured accents like linen and wood. Added bonus: you can save 10% off the Evolution machine when you take the class!  Sign up here. We hope to see you Saturday!

Back to School: Locker Style

As you gear up for the school year, one great way to cheer up your little student is to give them the greatest looking locker around. From wallpapers to magnets, to mini chandeliers, there are endless ways to deck out a school locker!

Paper Source has decorations ready made for a locker. The locker rug fits standard locker sizes, and is sure to give your student a home away from home while at school. The hanging chandelier is a perfect touch of glamour for a dingy locker. It’s magnetic for easy installation, and even has a motion sensor. The chandelier is battery operated- so there’s no power needed! The aqua locker wallpaper (also available in black) instantly dresses up any locker wall- and won’t damage its surfaces. The wall paper is easy to cut- so it fits any space, and comes with 20 magnets. With just a few items your locker diva is ready for the new year!

Are you more of a do-it-yourself-er? Even better! Paper Source’s papers, washi tapes and desk accessories can definitely find a place in a school locker!

Paper Source has an endless supply of wrapping paper, and there’s one out there to fit your kid’s individual style. Use some painter’s  tape or glue dots to safely adhere wrapping paper to locker walls. These are our picks for a boy’s locker!

These papers are perfect for your super girly-girl who needs a little pink in her life!

Have a kid who can’t get enough sweets and snacks? Satisfy their cravings with a delectable foodie locker wrap!

Don’t see quite the right wrap here? Check out all of our other gift wraps and fine papers- at least one will strike your fancy!

Another option for a locker interior is a chalkboard wallie. They are available in pink and black. It’s removable and won’t damage the inside of a locker. Great for doodles or jotting down homework assignments! Chalk is in included, but when you run out try some dustless chalk- it’ll keep school supplies clean!

With wrapped locker walls, your student can go crazy with fun accessories and knick-knacks. These sticky notes are pennant shaped, so you can write a fun message and display it in a banner! A perfectly playful touch for the top of a locker!

Stash some quirky pencils in your child’s locker-  they won’t mind taking notes with these!

Washi Tapes are another great way to add some personality and style to a locker interior. Just have your student pick their favorite and the decorating possibilities are endless. Use them as a border around the locker or around a magnetic mirror. Or use them to tape up and frame pictures!

Magnets are a must  for keeping pictures and assignments from getting crumpled underneath textbooks. Paper Source carries styles from sophisticated flowers to feisty foxes.

These talk bubble white board magnets are a fun addition to any space. Students can leave them outside of their locker for friends to stop by and write a friendly note! Don’t forget vibrant dry erase markers!


With a fun locker set up, stopping for next period’s textbooks doesn’t have to be such a drag. Check out our Pinterest for more locker style inspiration and organization tips. Happy back to school season!

Gold Glam: Back to School

A-B-C, 1-2-3, G-O-L-D! It’s already time to start preparing for back to school shopping! Everyone loves new clothes but don’t forget about accessories and backpack must-haves. This year, we are raving about gold. We just can’t get enough!

Whether your student wants something classic or prefers something a little more retro, we’ve got it all. With something like this Elegant Notes Journal or this Gold Foil Triangles Pink Spiral Notebook, you’ll never forget to take notes again! (Doodling is also acceptable.)

If you’re going to take notes then you’ll need something to write with. Whether you’re confident with a pen or prefer the less permanent pencil, you’ll find the perfect writing utensil for your new notebook(s). Kate Spade makes some adorable pencils and bright erasers; or try this six color pen!

Losing something as bright and fun as these pens and pencils is never a good thing, so keep everything in one place with a pouch! Use it for your pens and pencils, or for lunch money!

Gold and Red Colorblock Pouches (Additional colors available.)

One accessory that never leaves our side is our cell phone. Dress it up and show your personality with an energizing case! Need to actually energize your phone on the go? Try a Back Me Up! mobile charger which gives your phone juice when an outlet’s nowhere in sight.
“Oh no! A science test today?” Don’t forget about any tests or projects with a new 2015 calendar or planner. With agendas this cute, why wouldn’t you want to write things down all the time?
With these school and work accessories, you’re sure to have a great year ahead! What’s your favorite school supply? Tell us in the comments!

Inspiration: DIY Hot Air Balloon Paper Mobile

In need of a unique baby shower gift or an extra special touch to your own nursery? Try these adorable paper hot air balloons! They make for super cute decor and an eye-catching mobile.

We received this great idea from Paper Source fan Michelle N. Michelle found 3D paper air balloon designs online and created her own pattern. She then used PS paper and card stock  to create the balloon and basket, which she stamped and embossed . To finish off, she added some baker’s twine to hang the balloons and embellished the baskets with ribbon and washi tape. Michelle created her paper balloons for a gender neutral woodlands-themed nursery, but different papers and stamps could transform her idea for any room!

We love seeing what crafts you come up with–share your own ideas in the comments, or email them to! 


Spotlight: Calendars + Gift Card Sweepstakes


The best thing about the new school year? If you ask us, its getting your calendar! We’re going to take you through the steps of prepping your planner for the year ahead, and how you can win a $200 gift card PLUS your favorite Paper Source calendar!


Step 1: Pick your favorite!

Paper Source has a calendar or planner that fits every schedule and style! Always on the move? A date book is the way to go.

Check out our all new date books to find the best fit for you (hint: we’re definitely into gold right now)! The gold foil booklet is one of our most compact agendas – perfect for slipping into a backpack or purse. It’s printed on 100% recycled paper- so it’s extra ec0-friendly, too! Our black and gold spiral bound planner features both monthly and weekly spreads, and is sophisticated and stylish (plus the hard cover is sturdy). The mint and gold confetti planner also features a hard cover, plus it’s string bound so it lies completely flat when you open it! The Kate Spade agenda is filled with extra note pages and fun quotes- great for brainstorming and jotting ideas on the go.

If you like to see your schedule on display, try a hanging wall calendar!

Need tons and tons of space for writing in your dates? These giant calendars would be perfect!

If you’re looking for the perfect desk companion, try these pretty additions. The DIY calendar comes blank with just the date, so you can dress it up however you wish!


Step 2: Break Your Calendar In!

Use pensstampswashi tape (check out our last post for even more awesome washi ideas) and stickers to organize your schedule!

For more sophisticated looks, the gold foil confetti planner is scrawled with calligraphy pen and the paint chip calendar has a metallic touch with a gold and silver pen.

Are you more playful? The colorful chalk calendar is decorated with onesieracing bikedonut, and cupcake stickers! And the gold foil booklet was colored with fun gel pens.


Step 3: Display Your Work!

Show off your planning and prettifying with pride. Your calendar is an expression of YOU!

Great Big Calendar with pastel and neon washi tape and fine point chalk markers.

We love calendars and beautiful agendas so much that we’re sponsoring an exciting new sweepstakes! Visit our #myPScalendar page to enter. The winner will get a $200 Paper Source gift card PLUS a Paper Source calendar to organize your year right! You can enter more than once by “Liking” us on Facebook, following us on Twitter and Pinterest and sharing photos of your cute calendar. We can’t wait to see how you “cal”!

The Perfect Gift (Wrap!)

Don’t wait for the holidays to get into gift wrap! Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations…every celebration needs the perfect gift to accompany it! But as we all know, it’s all about presentation. No one wants to receive a gift that looks like it just arrived in the mail hours before the party! One of the best parts about receiving gifts is examining the beautiful wrapping the gifts are encased in. Paper Source has a variety of unique gift wrap for all occasions to give your gifts a perfect extra amount of style!

Let’s talk about a few issues many of us face when wrapping multiple gifts. How do you signify that although your gifts may be different sizes, they are all extremely meaningful? One way to spice up the presentation of many gifts is to have each gift wrapped in their own paper, and all brought together by the tie of a ribbon!

Paper Source Gift Wrap Ideas

Different patterns can compliment each other extremely well and make each individual gift pop  with color! The top package is wrapped in our chic mint fine paper with gold dots  and the bottom package is wrapped in our mint floral wrapping paper.  These two differently sized gifts are brought together by a fuchsia organdy ribbon, with a paper flower design on top in place of a traditional bow (hint: find our solid papers here and a paper flower how-to here).

Let’s say a friend invites you over for dinner or a house warming party. You don’t want to want to seem rude, so you bring a bottle of  wine as a gift to the host or hostess. Once again you are puzzled as how to provide your kind gesture without pretty much unscrewing the cork at the host or hostess’s doorstep.

Gift Wrap Ideas for Bottles of Wine

This wine bottle is also wrapped in our mint fine paper and tied with a fuchsia organdy ribbon at the neck of the bottle. This wrapping shows more elegance and leaves a slight element of surprise as to what you arrived with, rather than just having a plastic bag from the grocery store dangling on your arm. (It’s also a great example of how to use the same materials in different ways!)

Wine bottles definitely are not the only gifts that are tricky to wrap with paper alone. Well who said that all gifts have to be covered in paper alone? Gift bags and boxes are far from boring with Paper Source’s designs!

Happy Birthday Chalk Gift Bags

These Happy Birthday Chalkboard Gift Bags are perfect for all birthday celebrations! Whether your gifts are for a boy or a girl, these multi-sized bags serve the purpose of holding all kinds of birthday treasures, while the exterior is elegant and keeps the mystery of the gifts alive.

Prism Gift Boxes

Feeling generous and don’t have a specific occasion for giving gifts? No problem. These Prism Gift Boxes  last way longer than the moment of gift giving. They are sturdy and can be used for storage and decorative pieces for a life long after the gift has been given.

Gifts are not the only things that can be wrapped with printed paper. Anything in your home can be spiced up with one of many prints from Paper Source! 

Chevron Gift Wrap and Dots Gift Wrap

Transform your plain wooden coffee table by adding a slate chevron design or decorate your desk drawers with mini dot paper! Giving your everyday furniture a boost will not only give your room a new sense of energy, but also many compliments!

Last but not least, presents are meant to be sent and received all year round, whether it is a special or occasion or not at all. 

Butterfly Gift Wrap, Zebra Gift Wrap and Floral Gift Wrap

Whether you are fond of butterfly print, a fun and friendly zebra pattern, or a lovely floral pattern,  these are just a few examples of how gifts can be made memorable from the start just from the wrapping paper alone!

What are your favorite wrapping paper designs? Let us know in the comments section!


Purr-fect Cat Gifts & Accessories

Need something purr-fect for the cat lover in your life? We’ve got some great new options that are sure to be loved. Get them right meow!

Does your cat lover (maybe it’s yourself…) love to cook? How adorable is this new Paper Source Cat Apron? Complete the look with this tea towel (which comes in a set of 3) for a feline finish. The towels also make a great hostess gift for your favorite cat aficionado!


What if they (or, um… like to write? We’ve got something for that, too! A set of mini notebooks, a spiral notebook and a pouch for pencils and pens! Deck out your home office or head back to school in style with this chic print!


If you love taking pictures of your feline friend, hang them up with these cat magnets! Add them to your fridge or file cabinet in your office, or give to your favorite student for locker decor!


Finish it off by keeping all of these fun gifts in this cat patterned tote! Great for a day at the beach, carrying some groceries or holding your yoga mat and water bottle.

What’s your fur-vorite feline find? Tell us in the comments!

Spotlight: Kitchen Textiles

Paper Source has tons of new textiles for the kitchen divas out there. Choose patterns from feathers to foxes to flowers and go cute or quirky with Paper Source exclusive designs. Matching textile sets (sold separately) make a great gift for someone who needs to add some fun to their kitchen; and a tea towel set alone makes a perfect hostess gift!

This sweet set in a delectable donut design is the perfect inspiration for a pro baker- or even someone still finding their way around the kitchen!


These fantastic feathers and arrows add a whimsical touch to your kitchen style.


Be foxy (we couldn’t resist that pun…) in the kitchen with this feisty set!


Looking for more fun kitchen additions? Check out all of our gifts for the chef in your life (we have everything from aprons to juice glasses to cutting boards). And don’t forget hostess gifts, too! Which apron design is your favorite? Tell us in the comments!