Whether your guests are frightfully finicky eaters or ghostly gluttons, all you need is the recipe for the scariest soiree of the year! Check out some of the tricks and treats below that will scare your guests’ socks off!

Killer Halloween Kits

No one will say Boo! to these chillingly charming Monster Masks! Transform into a witch, mummy, Dracula or Frankenstein’s monster with a few scissor snips, some string and a little bit of glue. Set up a photo booth, decorate with ornaments and garlands, and host your own monster masquerade!


Dreadfully Daring Drink Recipes

Like a witch’s spell, your guests won’t be able to resist coming back to your dreadfully delicious drink table for seconds! Add a splash of blood red orange juice to a classic Moscow Mule for a bloodcurdling bit of booze! Or, mix sour mix with vodka and toss in some blueberries and gummy worms to create a pest-filled potion.


Customize your treat table with festive flair, like colored ice molds or using LED bottle lights to create scary luminaries!


You can also fill festive treat bags with favors like a Box of Boogers, Pumpkin Pop Rocks and supplies to make some sweet but scary Halloween Paper Dolls! Dress these lil’ monsters up any way you like and act out your own horror show.


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