Hometown Pride & Two Grand Openings this Saturday!

This weekend is a biggy for Paper Source, and for us Chicagoan’s – being the home base for the company – it’s a moment to pause and celebrate a bit of hometown pride! When I joined the company eight years ago, we had 9 stores. Today marks the opening of our 39th store in Studio City, California and tomorrow we celebrate the Grand Opening of our 38th and 37th stores, Santa Monica, California and Southport here in the Windy City! Seeing a new store open is really exciting for us old timers, and I know I feel a lot of pride in seeing us open again in Chicago on such a wonderful shopping street as Southport.

Paper Source Chicago SouthportPaper Source Santa Monica
Southport (left) and Santa Monica (right)

Come join us at either of the Grand Openings – we’d love to see you!

– Cindy
PS colors: persimmon & paper bag
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