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Buyer’s Favorite: Easter gifts

Easter Gifts

Can you believe that Easter is right around the corner? It is so early this year! So, if any of our readers are scrambling to complete plans for their gathering, I thought I’d take the pain out of filling those Easter baskets by recommending a few of my favorite gifts for Easter.

Easter BasketEaster Basket

Celebrate with a fun and festive Easter basket. This year we introduced a few into our assortment. The Paper Birdhouse Box is an adorable basket option — perfect for holding candy and other small treats. Hang inside or outside for something fun to find! Our egg-shaped baskets are a lovely spin on the more traditional basket. We offer paper grass for filling!

Easter BunnyNow, for the good stuff! We have added more than 100 gifts since the holiday season, including gifts for kids that are the perfect size for baskets. We have pulled together a few recommendations to make things easy — ask your store associate for assistance or shop our favorite Easter gifts online. Personally, Easter isn’t compete without the all-favorite Easter Bunny making an appearance. Surprise someone you love with this Bashful Bunny (or his miniature bunny friend) for a wonderful addition to your Easter festivities.

-Lindsay, PS Gift Buyer
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The perfect DIY calendar

2012 calendar

Are you always on the look out for personalized projects that are great for anyone on your list, including those hard to shop for folks?! Well, our new 2012 DIY Calendar is perfect! With 12 months to work with and a manageable size, all you need is inspiration… and a little time to create!

And, speaking of time, we totally have that covered! On Thursday, September 8 join us for our Crafter’s Night Out event. From from 6-8pm you can use our supplies, including stamps, ink pads, punches, paper cutters, decorative papers, glitters, and more, to create your own calendar. Learn tips and techniques from our craft experts and leave with a completely finished calendar – ready for giving or for treating yourself!

Paper Source Workshop
For details or to reserve your seat, check out the Paper Source Workshops page. Remember: You can save $5 off the seat price when you register with a friend.


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Simply SMASHing – New SMASH journals and accessories!

Video courtesy of TheSmashFan

Many of us here at Paper Source cut our crafty teeth on the trusty ol’ scrapbook project – It was the original way to Do Something Creative Every Day! You could doodle, or write, or arrange collected treasures to tell any story. There were no rules, and artistry was not a requirement. You could spend hours arranging everyday items on a single page.

Ah… the nostalgia.

Now, our favorite pastime has been resurrected with the new line of SMASH journals and accessories. Everything from the SMASH folio to hip SMASH tape embellishments, is now available at our store locations and online!

See just how SMASHing this line is by watching the video. Or simply share photos of your SMASH journaling on our Facebook page, and bring back the days of sharing scrapbooks with your friends.

Creative gift giving: Flip flop bracelets (with printable tag)

Among the small treats that make me happy (in no particular order): chocolate, coffee, sheets of Lokta paper, new felt tip pens and, now, flip flop bracelets! I love mixing different color palettes on my wrist with stacks of these recycled bangles, and I absolutely love the story behind them.

stacked bracelets

These bracelets are made by a group of women in Mali (West Africa), who collect worn out flip flops, melt them down and draw the plastic into colorful loops. Everyday flip flops are reborn as unique, handmade bangles. One can only guess the journey each one of these lovely trinkets has taken. Read the rest of this entry »

In the news: Hot Mother’s Day gifts

The press is going wild for our new gifts and spring crafts, and here’s a look at what’s HOT for Mother’s Day.

In the recent issue of People Magazine, Jessica Alba suggests creating a Mother’s Day scrapbook. According to Alba, “Receiving a keepsake from your child that’s filled with pictures, drawings and poems is priceless!”

To create your own, she recommends our Brown Fabric 12 x 12 Scrapbook or gorgeous Gold Mums Photo Album and our 12 x 12 papers to style the book. Alba listed Flora and Fauna Papaya Flower Circle Paper, Goldfish Paper and Pink Sweet Cupcakes Paper as her latest favs. Mom is sure to love this unique gift, especially if fellow mother Jessica Alba thinks it’s sweet.

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Addressed to impress

What do an Ad Man, a Mad Man and an Italian Man have in common? They all fell in love with a custom stamp.

It sounds strange, so let me backtrack.

Nearly four years ago, I had the great pleasure of marrying into a wonderfully eccentric family. My mother-in-law and her three sisters are artists in their own right, each marrying an equally creative gentleman— my father-in-law, the man with a band and a knack for glass etching; Clay, the advertising executive with the thirst for dirty martinis; Rocky, the fun-loving mad man with a major sweet tooth; and Giorgio, the Italian man with expertise in all things booteful.

This combination of characters has produced one large, hilarious extended family, who make every family gathering interesting. This past Christmas was no different.

Each year, I like to give the sisters a little Christmas gift, as a thank you for playing hostess to events throughout the year. So, in December, when Paper Source offered 25% off custom stamps, I ordered a return address stamp for each aunt.

address stamp custom stamp self-inking stamp

Being such a large family, it’s rare that anyone notices gift opening, but this year was different. True to form, gifts were divvied out as everyone carried on with conversations, stories and dancing, while one of many Rolling Stones albums played in the background. Read the rest of this entry »

Buyer’s favorite: Stocking stuffers for all ages

At my house the stockings have always been my very favorite thing at Christmastime, both opening mine and shopping for them. And, here at Paper Source, we have tons of great items for stockings, from candy to toys to little coin purses. Even glitter or stamps make great stocking stuffers!

The newest and coolest items for women and teens are the colorful flip flop bracelets. Intended to be purchased in multiples (each one is unique), these are made from recycled flip flop parts and remind me of the jelly bracelets I loved as a kid. Another great stocking stuffer for ladies is the mushroom knit bag. It was hand knit in Nepal and is so cute! Read the rest of this entry »

How-to: E-Z gift wrap

PS_HowTo_FavorBoxWhether it’s a nibble or a necklace, finish off your handmade holiday with my e-z wrap how-to! Top off Square Favor Boxes with pieces of your favorite decorative paper and simply finish with a tag stamped with our “Handmade by” rubber stamp.

Handmade through and through will make your friends feel loved by you!

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Materials Needed:

Feeling gifty with 300 nifty new items!

PS_GiftWrap_SantaDogsAs a long time fan, and first time employee of Paper Source, I felt like a journalist with an incredible scoop when the batch of new products arrived at my desk last week. More than 300 goodies not yet seen by our customers, ooo la la!

The gift giver in me instantly started indexing items against my list of “People Who Need Gifts.” I found myself coming up with occasions like, “I got you this because you’re really weird and today seemed like a good day to give you something weird,” as reason for giving certain items.

But, like everyone, my wallet and wishes have not yet had that crucial meeting. Instead, it seemed appropriate to share these ideas with people who might actually be looking for gifts for the upcoming giving season and who might lack inspiration (or time).

So here goes: Read the rest of this entry »