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Paper ribbon made with love

Now we love our double-faced satin ribbon dearly, but it’s nice to bring different ribbon styles into the mix and we’re thrilled to have new paper ribbon. These gorgeous biodegradable ribbons are made from 100% cotton that is responsibly grown and dyed in the USA. The ribbons can be recycled or composted after use. And for decorating and gift wrapping, they do it all…they shred and curl beautifully, you can write on them, or feed them through your trusty Xyron and even work with some inkjet printers.

Paper ribbon gift wrappingShredding paper ribbonPaper ribbon gift wrapping

These ribbons are made in Milwaukee in a small facility with limited workers who set up the machines and manually roll the ribbon onto spools once it comes off the line. The owner of the company bought the equipment at an auction back in the late eighties and revived a century old way of making the ribbon. Spools of thread (about 50 of them) are brought together from large machines, glued together and made into various widths of ribbon. The original company went out of business back in the fifties when ribbon started being made out of synthetic materials.

Making paper ribbonRibbon made in USA

Paper Source carries 10 yard spools in 1/2″ width in solid color ribbons (including our three new PS colors peacock, persimmon and sunshine) and polka dot ribbons. Also arriving later this summer are 2 different colored bows made of paper ribbon.

PS colors: fuchsia & red
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Why we love the Silhouette

A lot of the time, it’s the small things in life that make me happy. But, every once in a while… it’s the big things! The Silhouette SD Digital Cutting Tool is one of those things. Roughly the size of an average inkjet printer, this machine is definitely a crafting power tool. It allows you to cut designs out of paper, vinyl, heat transfers and more! You can choose from templates, or be your own designer! Our stores have had a lot of fun creating cool samples to get you inspired…

Two lovely cards made by Olivia and Lacey from our new Houston store, opening soon!

Card making suppliesSilhouette Machine cards

Custom decals for a moped and helmet made by Nicolas in our Cambridge storevrooomm!

Die cut decals

A charming save the date with coordinating enclosure made by Martha in our Atlanta store.

Save the date ideasDecorating invitation folders

We introduced the Silhouette into our stores a few months ago, and as I have been traveling around the country opening our new Paper Source locations, I have been training our employees how to use it. Most haven’t heard of this crafting machine, so I get to be the first to tell them! As I explain how it works and what kind of results you can get, I get a three stage reaction: Read the rest of this entry »

Inspired design: marigolds wrapping paper

I’m a big fan of doing photographic research while I’m concepting a new illustration for Paper Source designs. For me, having a strong idea and concept make the designs more thoughtful, and more compelling; it should be meaningful. So for our new Marigolds Wrapping Paper, I had quite the stack of collected photos!

Created and concepted while we were working on our India inspired papers, we waited for the right summery time to release Marigolds. I tweaked our garlands with PS colors, giving the flowers a bright, lush feel – evoking pure inspiration, and not wanting the design to be literal. When you check out our new Marigolds wrap, also look for additional layers of India inspired ornaments and decorative patterns in the design…with accents of metallic gold and fuchsia no less! (my favorite parts!)

Marigold Garlands InspirationMarigold Garlands Inspiration 2

Marigold Garlands Inspiration 3Marigold Garlands Inspiration 4

Hope you enjoy my window of creative research, and good luck with your own!

PS colors: pool, persimmon & cement
Latest fave: our new colors in note cards & envelopes!

Welcome to the family Peacock, Persimmon & Sunshine!

Paper Source Peacock Persimmon SunshineWe are just so thrilled to show off our three new colors (well, four when you include beloved Paper Bag from earlier this year!). Selecting new colors for Paper Source is a lot of fun, but a big responsibility. In order to make one new color, we have to commit to 10,000 pounds of paper. This means we need to feel really good about the color and are hopeful you will too!

Peacock is our new teal blue and it truly works well with the entire PS line. Have fun mixing and matching it within our palette – you’ll be amazed what new life it gives old favorites! Some of my favorite Peacock combinations are when paired with Beet, Chartreuse, Moss, Pool or Curry – I also love it with Persimmon.

Persimmon is a color we nearly introduced with Moss several years ago. Alas, we could not forget about it. The Design team continued using the ink color in projects like the 2009 India collection, loving the warmth of this rich orange-red. Persimmon works well with Paper Bag, Papaya, Poppy, Pool, Chartreuse and of course, its former partner, Moss. But like Peacock, it works well with most all of the palette.

Paper Source New ColorsAnd Sunshine, which was a request from our customers. Each month we’d hear from our store managers (yes, they do share the requests that you make!) that customers were looking for a warm, bright, sunny yellow – a yellow that would work well for weddings…a happy yellow! Sunshine pairs beautifully with the oranges and greens in the line and takes on a sophisticated look when paired with Gravel.

Have fun and enjoy the satisfaction of creating your own favorite color combos with these newbies. Welcome to the family Peacock, Persimmon, and Sunshine!

– Cindy
PS colors: pool & red
Latest fave: Dutch Woodcut Floral Wrapping Paper

New fave items for summer

Ticket rollLots of great new items for summer are here and I wanted to tell you about a couple of my favorites! First, I love our giant roll of 1,000 Admit One Tickets. They’re super fun for all kinds of summer shenanigans from family talent shows to movie nights around the tv. Hey kids, it’ll be so fun!…when those adults pay you admission you can hand them a real, official “admit one” ticket! I think these would make really cute accents on a Valentine card, too. You know, like “admit one” to my heart sort of thing. Maybe that’s goofy, but I thought it sounded cute…good thing I have 9 months until Valentine’s Day to noodle on my idea.

Decorative tape_dots washi tapeI’m also excited to share this beautiful washi tape with our customers. Washi tape is Japanese masking tape made from washi paper. (Washi comes from “wa” meaning Japanese and “shi” meaning paper, and the term is used to describe paper made by hand in the traditional manner.) This first set is similar to one of our best selling Japanese papers, Yuzen Blue White Swirls Fine Paper, and comes with one roll of dark blue decorative tape and one roll of red decorative tape. This tape is easy to tear and has a slightly translucent quality. It’s great for card making, or tear pieces off to use as page flags…it might just become your new favorite craft item. It looks great on colored paper and kraft paper. The second set features a color similar to our pool, along with a roll of teal.
Decorative tape_blue washi tapeThere are fun blogs out there about washi tape such as sideoats + scribbles where you can see that the possibilities are endless and it’s REALLY easy to use!

–Gretchen, PS Buying Team
PS colors: fuchsia & moss
Latest fave: Poppies Flower Kit

Letterpress Machine…tell me more!

“Letterpress is undeniably special and luscious. This print method originated in the 15th century and is known for its timeless beauty and rich, tactile feel. Type and image are impressed into the paper through the pressure of a clam-shell-like printing press, resulting in a luxuriously textured imprinted surface.”

If you’re on our blog, you’re probably already familiar with Paper Source’s elegant letterpress stationery, wedding invitations, and greeting cards. (For those of you who aren’t familiar see the definition from our website above). Letterpress products are artisan crafted in a centuries-old print method and, until now, there really wasn’t an option for the average Joe to experience this art form at home.

Enter the Letterpress Machine Combo Kit! This all-in-one kit contains everything for the home crafter to create beautiful handmade cards, stationery, gift tags, and prints. Now, this kit is not a vintage Chandler and Price press, but it’s not 4,000 pounds either. It’s not a Vandercook, but you also don’t have to apprentice with anyone to use it! Bottom line…you can set up shop on your kitchen table and crank out some lovingly made, beautiful cards that 99% of recipients won’t believe you made yourself.

Make letterpress stationeryLetterpress printing plate

The Letterpress Machine Combo Kit contains everything you need to get started from paper to ink and of course, plates of images and text. I recommend playing at first and doing some test runs before you leap head first into your wedding invitations. Although this kit is small and good for home use, you still want to get a feel for how to move the ink over the plate with the brayer, and figure out exactly what techniques work best to get the impression you desire. One thing is for certain – you’re sure to have fun throughout the whole process, and you’ll be so proud of yourself when you create cards that have the tactile, elegant quality of fine letterpress printing.

p.s. See this Letterpress Machine video for a quick demo!

–Gretchen, PS Buying Team
PS colors: fuchsia & moss
Latest fave: Poppies Flower Kit

Fave spring gifts – gonzo for color

Ask anyone who knows me—my mom, my co-workers, my old hairstylist Jojo—to describe me in three words, and he or she will inevitably use the word “colorful.” Rich colors, like rich flavors, tickle some deep joyful place inside of me. Fiery colors can warm up even the rainiest afternoon, and bright, flowery hues help remind me that soon little pink and yellow and purple blooms will be popping up all across the city, like the Paas-dipped eggs that I thought magically appeared in our family’s lawn each Easter morning.

Lindsay's Oilily ScarfI am, one might say, gonzo for color. So it saddens me that one of the world’s most colorful brands, Oilily, a Dutch clothing company famous for its brilliantly candy-tinged sweaters, dresses, and knitwear, was forced to close down their US stores. Luckily for me, I was able to snag this amazing framed vintage scarf right off the wall of one store before they closed the doors. As a tribute to the whimsical fun of Oilily, I wanted to highlight some of our colorful new gifts for spring.

One colorful detail that I am really excited about for spring is pom poms. Our CEO Sally took one look at our new pink and orange pom pom scarf (available next month) and said, “That is just so Lindsay, isn’t it?!?” We have adorable pom pom kitchen towels in two color combinations. We also have clip on pom poms—perfect for using as a keychain or for cute-ning up your bags or belt loops. And if you want to really go pom pom crazy, you can even make your own pom poms at home.

Fun gifts_pom pom kitchen towelsPaddywax candle gifts

Some other great gifts are Read the rest of this entry »

Fave holiday gifts — loco for luchas

Lindsay with Ultimo VampiroIf you’re looking for funky holiday gift ideas, listen up. Lately I’ve been into Mexican kitsch like “lucha libre” – a theatrical, acrobatic and campy form of Mexican wrestling. I was a luchador for Halloween, I own masks for spontaneous late-night wrestling with friends, and last year, I saw a live match at the Plaza del Toros in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. It was awesome! Sweat was flying, beer was flowing, and fans were munching on fresh-fried potato chips drizzled with hot sauce. The kids in the crowd went nuts for their favorite luchadores. I even got a photo with my favorite wrestler, Ultimo Vampiro.

Luchas wall muralTraditionally, a Mexican wrestling match pits good guy against bad guy, and the luchador never reveals his true identity by taking off his mask or he could be disqualified. Even when luchadores retire, they often still wear their masks in public, and some are even buried in their masks—like El Santo, the most famous luchador in Mexican history. Since my trip, I’ve been noticing lucha libre popping up all over the place: a new restaurant called Lucha Libre in New York, lucha libre toys in Tokyo, a new mural on Hubbard Street in Chicago, and, of course, that Jack Black flick now on cable. It seems like suddenly everyone’s going loco for luchas!

Being a buyer at Paper Source has allowed me to see how many others share my love of luchas! Read the rest of this entry »

Buyer’s faves for back to school — Gretchen

l'apres midi datebook1This past Sunday I turned 37. How can I be 37? My birthday always makes me think of back to school time. I still remember being 7 or 8 and getting my new school shoes in early August and letting them sit in their box in my closet until I got to wear them on the first day of school. I would open the box every day to smell the new leather and would plan what to wear for the first day of school for about a month. Too bad I don’t get a new outfit and shoes bought for me every August anymore….boo hoo….being an adult is so hard! I am however excited to buy myself a new date book. This fall I’m going to buy the L’apres Midi Date Book. It’s so cute with little watercolor illustrations and French sayings painted throughout. It’s also really cool because it is an any-day diary, meaning it comes without specific dates. You just plug in your own schedule. It seems so happy to me and I like that quality in something I have to look at every day!

There are a couple of other new things Read the rest of this entry »