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Behind the Scenes at Paper Source

We absolutely love hearing about your crafts, projects, and inspirational ideas. But, this time, we’re turning the camera on ourselves. Follow Paper Source Intern, Christina, as she takes you behind the scenes at the Paper Source home office…

Upon entering our front doors at our Chicago-based home office, a large paper wasp on a brightly colored wall greets visitors.

Why the name?

Founded in 1983 by Sue Lindstrom, Paper Source was created because of her love for the papermaking artistry of Japan. Sue opened the first Paper Source store in Chicago to showcase beautiful handcrafted papers from around the world, and since then Paper Source has grown to more than 60 locations around the country, with new stores opening every year!

Why a paper wasp?

It was Sue’s tribute to a fellow paper aficionado. Read more here.

As you walk down our halls, a wall of cards (a favorite of many) provides anything from a cry to a chuckle. And, if the cards aren’t enough to get you motivated, our open, loft-like office space is like a candy store of inspiration. (Our building is literally located across the street from a chocolate factory, but we feel like the real sweetness is here!)

The interior of Paper Source is designed with hints of vintage touches. We’re always bustling with new products, crafts, and designs, so it’s fun to walk around from department to department! Read the rest of this entry »

A Paper Source Team Outing in Chicago

Team Outing

Here at Paper Source we live by the motto, Do Something Creative Every Day. So, the Merchandise Planning and Allocation department thought it would be appropriate to put our creativity to work at our team outing. This year, the department went to Bottle and Bottega, a local painting studio specializing in hosting parties such as ours.

Before the event, the team preselected a colorful ocean sunset scene to replicate. Throughout the course of the evening, our wonderful instructor led us through a step-by-step demonstration as we each worked on our personal masterpieces.

By the end of the evening, we had 13 unique paintings each with their own detail and style. From beginning painters to experienced artists, spending an evening painting was both relaxing and fun!


Favorite PS Colors: Paper Bag and Persimmon
Latest fave: Linear A2 Thank You Notes

Inside PS: Careers at Paper Source

Customers often ask us what it’s like to work at a place that inspires people to Do Something Creative Every Day. The short answer: inspiring, challenging and rewarding.

As you can imagine, most of us were customers first, just hitting up our favorite store for DIY projects, handmade gifts or the big one – wedding invitations! Few of us gave thought to the possibility of starting a career with our favorite paperie.

paper source careers

Courtney Market started her career at our Evanston store and now manages our Austin store. “I was a customer before I was an employee, and when I saw there was an opportunity to work in such a unique environment I jumped at it,” said Courtney. “It’s great to be part of a family of such creative people—from the buyers, to design team, to the associates in the stores!” Read the rest of this entry »