unique_wrapping_paperAs the remains of Blizzard 2011 slowly wash away, and ugly *dibs materials return to more appropriate indoor storage areas, we Chicagoans cannot stop ourselves from thinking spring. Those of us working at Paper Source, both at the Chicago corporate office and in our 43 store locations, also find promise of a changing season in daisies!

Why are we so fond of daisies?

A daisy is associated with simplicity, innocence, loyal love, beauty, purity and patience. It is one of the few flowers to have absolutely no negative symbolism. They exude a positive energy that is ideal for those who suffer from winter fatigue, and a genuine happiness that transcends geographic location.

Our daisy pattern began as a simple line drawing of a small daisy cluster, showing the fronts and backs of the flowers. We also incorporated a few closed blooms, as if they had not yet opened their eyes to begin the day. Like many of us! (Did you know: Daisies open during the day and close at night?)



We expanded this simple line drawing into a lush field of daisies—First, over a fresh pool background and, now, in a rich black and persimmon pairing. This floral icon has inspired more than a dozen daisy products. Take a look and tell us which ones ignite your springtime spirit- Go now!

*Chicagoans, who dig their car out from neighborhood streets, sometimes elect to place random household objects in the cleared spot, claiming “dibs” on a portion of the public street. Yes, this is a controversial and subjective practice. Click for evidence.


2 Responses

  1. Tiffany says:

    Love your new patterns! I know a few gals crazy for daisies!

  2. ps lover says:

    thank you! i have been looking for a design to update my record frames! these are perfect!