If you’re wondering how to show your appreciation to the people in your life, Thinking of You Week is September 23rd– 28th. It’s an international event that encourages people to send hand-written greeting cards or notes to special people in your life.


Winnie Park, Paper Source CEO, shares her memory box with us for Thinking of You Week. She keeps all of the notes, cards and sentiments she has received over the years. These lovely reminders are from coworkers, vendors we work with at Paper Source, as well as her family and friends.



“This memory box is the gift that keeps on giving.” Winnie says she continually goes back through to review and reminisce. For instance, she has a note from her mentor which she loves to re-read and capture a moment. “Frankly, when I’m down they make me feel super special.”



Some of Winnie’s favorite cards come from teams at Paper Source. The design team created a one-of-a kind birthday card. They took a collection of doodles she made during a meeting to create a special print adorning the card. After a visit to stores in San Francisco, the team there crafted card for her. They created a unique mixed media collage so she could remember her trip.


This may look like a random assortment, but this is a holiday card Winnie received from Rick, the Paper Source Visual Director of Merchandising. Whether the card designs are elaborate or simple, the part Winnie appreciates the most are the words written within. “The time and thought that goes into sending a card shows that they really care.”


At Paper Source we work with an incredible community of makers and Winnie has continues to receive special notes and hand-made gifts from them. One of the most personal gifts Winnie treasures is a portrait from an artist that illustrates a calendar for Paper Source. “It’s amazing stuff that is very heartfelt that goes back to the sentiment of Thinking of You.”



Winnie’s family are big card-givers. They celebrate every holiday with a card and a birthday does not go by where cards are not exchanged. One of the most meaningful cards Winnie has ever received is a paper mermaid from her daughter who crafted the card when they moved to Chicago.  Between the two of them, they’re passing along this tradition of not only giving cards, but handmade sentiments. Both Winnie and her daughter have memory boxes to hold their memories and cards. Winnie keeps hers in her office as they are a daily reminder of all the people she loves.


How To Get Involved

At Paper Source, we have a variety of beautiful cards that will fit your style and occasion. If you like, you can buy an exclusively designed card from Paper Source. If you’re crafty, we have resources so you can make your own.