Recently, we’ve overhauled our fine papers, adding variety in color and designs to create a swoon worthy collection. In celebration of the new designs, we’ve taken a few of our new favorites and created 4 easy crafts!

Marble Monogram

monogram letter covered in marble paper
What You’ll Need


  • Using the Uppercase Craft Letter of your choice, trace the shape onto the back side of the Marble Paper with a pencil. Make sure to trace your letter backwards!
  • Cut out the traced letter.
  • Following the directions on the Mod Podge, adhere the Marble Paper to the Uppercase Craft Letter using the Paste Brush.
  • Let dry according to the Mod Podge directions.
  • Get creative – embellish with glitter, ribbon, stickers, etc.
  • Hang on a wall or place as an accent on a bookshelf!


Floral Favor

Floral paper on a wine bottle
What You’ll Need


  • Trim down your piece of Floral Fine Paper to desired label size
  • Trim down the sheet of antique gold so that it is slightly larger than the Floral Fine Paper (we made ours so that it had a .25″ border).
  • Adhere the Floral Fine Paper to the front of the Antique Gold using the Tape Runner.
  • Using the tape runner again, adhere the paper label onto the wine bottle.
  • With left over Antique Gold paper, trim to a desired gift tag size and punch a hole on one end for the ribbon to run through.
  • In your best handwriting, write a fun message on the tag using the White Uniball Pen (it writes like butter so practice on scrap paper first)!
  • Attach the gift tag to the neck of the wine bottle using the Blush Ribbon.


Triangular Textbook Cover

blue and gold book cover
What You’ll Need


  • Laying your book of choice flat on the sheet of Triangle Fine Paper, trim the sheet down to the same height of the book you’d like to cover.
  • Close your book and fold a .25″ flap with your Bone Folder to wrap around and sit in the front cover. Secure with the Tape Runner.
  • Flip the book over and create another flap for the back cover. Secure with the Tape Runner.
  • Trim your Antique Gold Paper down to desired belly band size. Ours is about 2″.
  • Cut the sheet of Night down to a slightly larger size than the Antique Gold (we created a .25″ border).
  • Adhere the Antique Gold to the sheet of Night using your tape runner.
  • Again, create flaps on the belly band for the front and back cover and secure with Tape Runner.
  • Add some personal flair to the belly band with stamps, embossing powders, etc.


Origami’d Organs

Handmade card with origami hearts on it 
What You’ll Need


  • Trim your sheet of Antique Gold to a slightly smaller size than the Superfine Softwhite folded card. We trimmed ours to 4″ x 5.75″
  • Adhere the Antique Gold paper to the front of the Superfine Softwhite card using the Tape Runner.
  • Following this origami guide, fold as many origami hearts out of the Geometric Animal Paper as desired to cover the front of your card and attach using the Tape Runner
  • Using the A6 Envelope Liner Template, trace a liner on the back of the Geometric Animal Paper and trim to size.
  • Place the liner in the envelope and fold down flap to create crease. Attach to place using the tape runner.



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  1. Do you sell fine papers for art making? Such as Japanese lace paper or similar items?