How To Make Paper Book Covers

Create a new look for school books and your personal library by making book covers from decorative paper or wrapping paper. Stickers or labels can be used as the binding and gives you a place to add a title. Sure to bring back memories of grade school days! Your books will look so smart – you’ll want to cover your entire bookshelf!

You will need a few simple things to make paper book covers – scissors, adhesive, ruler, pencil, your favorite wrapping paper and decorative labels


      1. Lay your paper, pretty side face down. Open your book and lay it onto the paper cover side down. With a pencil, mark the edges of your open book onto the paper as guides.
      2. Cut your paper with an extra 1 1/2″ above the top and bottom guides, and an extra 3″ over the side guides.
      3. Remove your book. Fold the extra 1 1/2″ strip down at the top and bottom edge, then lay your open book inside cover side down. The top and bottom edge of your book should match up to the top and bottom edge of your paper.
      4. Centering your book, mark 1/4″ away from the book’s right and left side (this is to allow give so the book can close), fold the extra paper on each side over this mark, and crease. Now, tuck the front and back book covers into the pockets you’ve created in the extra 3″ fold.
      5. Add labels to the spine of the book for decoration of to add the name of the book.