Let’s boogie! Halloween is right around the corner and we can hardly contain our excitement as we start to gear up for some fun parties! Whether you’re prepping favor bags, or thinking of creative ways to add a personal touch to your scary soiree, we’ve got you covered. Here are seven easy DIY tips to make your Halloween party spook-tacular.

halloween diy party

1. Ghost and Jack-O-Lantern Balloons

ghost balloon


  • Halloween Balloons
  • Steps:

    1. Simply fill these up with air so that you can spook up your space with ghost and jack-o-lantern characters.

    2. Festive Party Favor Tags

    halloween party tags


  • Chalkstock Hang Tags
  • Meri Meri Halloween Sticker Pack
  • White Gel Pen
  • Meri Meri Halloween Friends Party Bags
  • Black and Gold Twine
  • halloween party tag


    1. Place the stickers onto the tags.

    2. Write the guest names on the tags with a white gel pen.

    3. Tie the favor tags onto the party bags with gold and black twine.

    halloween favor bag

    3. Sip-worthy Straw

    halloween straws


  • Gold Paper Straws
  • Floral Skull and Moon Washi Tape
  • Steps:

    1. Cut a small piece of washi tape.

    2. Evenly fold the washi tape and place towards the top of the straws.

    3. Cut an inward V-shape at the ends of the washi tape.

    4. Party Cup Wrappers

    halloween party cups


  • DIY Party Board
  • Black and White Stripe Wrapping Paper
  • Party Cups
  • Clear Tape
  • Steps:

    1. Use black and white stripe wrapping paper with the DIY party board to cut out the strips of paper.

    2. Wrap the strips around the party cups and adhere them with clear tape.

    5. Spooky Cupcake Topper

    cupcake toppers


  • Black Cat Glitter Stickers
  • 1″ Circle Punch
  • Silver Shimmer Cardstock Paper
  • Foam Squares
  • Glue Gun
  • Toothpicks
  • Steps:

    1. Cut out 1″ circles from the silver shimmer cardstock paper with a circle punch.

    2. Attach a toothpick onto one of the cardstock circles with a glue gun.

    3. Secure the second cardstock circle on top of the first cardstock using a foam square.

    4. Add the black cat glitter sticker on either side of the circles.

    6. Party Favor Bags

    halloween favor bags


  • Cello Bags
  • Halloween Friends Kit
  • Poppy Tissue Paper
  • Black and Gold Twine
  • Foam Squares
  • Steps:

    1. Make a Halloween character using our kit.

    2. Fill a cellophane bag with orange tissue, fill with candy or other party favors, and tie it closed with gold and black twine.

    3. Adhere the character to the front of the bag using a foam square.

    halloween kit

    7. Creative Party Activity


  • Halloween Cats
  • Meri Meri Glitter Bat Stickers
  • Clothespin
  • Foam Squares
  • Kraft Bags
  • Steps:

    halloween cat kit

    1. Construct a Halloween cat using our kit.

    2. Place the spooky glitter bat sticker onto the black and white clothespin.

    3. Stick the kraft bag to the Halloween cat with foam squares.

    4. Fold the kraft bag’s opening and secure it with a clothespin.

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