Paper Source How-To: Cupid’s Arrow

Ready to get festive this Valentine’s Day? Here’s a how-to on replicating our store windows. Make a cupid’s arrow that’s fun and bright and sure to impress!




  • Download the Templates
  • Use 2 gift wrap tubes to construct each arrow. To stabilize the tubes where they will be joined, add crumpled paper inside a portion of each tube.
  • Tape the 2 tubes together using a strong transparent tape such as packing tape.
  • Cut a piece of text weight paper and wrap it over the point where the 2 tubes meet. As you wrap the tubes, place the seams of the paper on one side of the arrow for appearance. Continue by wrapping desired color of text weight paper around rest of tube.
  • Use various colors of 8 1/2″ x 11″ text weight paper and glitter paper to create stripes on either side of the center band.
  • Create “feather” ends by tracing template onto cover weight paper and layering shapes. Each arrow end requires 4 shapes, 2 on each side.
  • Score shapes using a bone folder and ruler where indicated.
  • Fold shape at score mark and adhere shapes to arrow using super tape on the scored flaps. Create stripes using the same template so the angles of the stripes match the “feather” bases.
  • Tape cone template together and cut out.
  • Trace template on both a piece of colored cover weight paper and gold glitter paper.
  • Fold cover weight shape at score mark and use Super Tape on the flap to wrap and secure cone.
  • Adhere layer of gold glitter paper over constructed cone.
  • Apply Quick Dry adhesive to end of tube and attach cone to decorated arrow.
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