The making of a rubber stamp

craft rubber stampsIf you’ve ever seen the dedicated wall in our stores or our large selection online, you know we have a soft spot in our hearts for rubber stamps. Our very first rubber stamps were created from drawings done by Paper Source’s founder Sue, and to this day, stamps are still created from drawings and designs by our design team. For stamp ideas and inspiration, we try to dream up all the occasions and creative projects we’d like to use rubber stamps for– and of course we ask our stores what stamps our customers are looking for.

Once our design team creates a stamp design, the stamps themselves are handcrafted in our production area. Rubber stamps consist of three parts – the die, the cushion and the mount. The die is the rubber that has been molded into the design and produces the stamp image once it’s inked. The cushion is the spongy material (high density foam, that is) between the die and the mount that provides a bit of spring in a stamp’s step. The mount is the wood backing that provides your hand a place to grip.

A die with many images gets adhered to the cushion, then each stamp is hand trimmed using a jigsaw. Before all the pieces are glued together we use the actual stamp to produce the image on the mount – so the image you see is the same image you will produce when you use the stamp at home. Check out all of our rubber stamp projects and ideas!

– Karen
PS colors: moss & papaya
Latest fave: 4Bar Cards & Envelopes – they’re so small & cute – I use them for everything!

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