DIY Moments: Vol. 16 No. 7

Halloween is one of our favorite times of the year – who could disagree when there’s costumes, candy, and spooky crafts to do?! Combine all three of those things and throw a party this season, topped off with some cute DIY hats that will have your party guests going batty. Get the details below!

halloween-themed party hat paper bats on it


Here are the materials you’ll need for this DIY:


Step by step:

  1. Trace this party hat template onto a fine paper of your choice, we used the Gauze Black on Cream as the base of our hat.
  2. Use a 1/8″ hole punch to punch two holes in the base as shown in the template.
  3. Loop a piece of twine through each of the holes.
  4. Cut the fine paper and adhere super tape to the tab.
  5. Roll the fine paper into a cone shape and adhere the tab to the opposite edge.
  6. Assemble 2 bats from the Spooktakular Bat Garland Kit.
  7. Coat the bat wings with the craft glue stick and black glitter.
  8. Using a strong adhesive, like super tape or a hot glue gun, mount the bats onto the hat
  9. To hide the holes, crinkle and fluff 5-6 strips of tissue paper and glue them around the base of the hat.
  10. Adhere a bright colored pom pom to the top of the hat using a hot glue gun.



Finally, snap a picture and tag us on Instagram @papersource!
– Maham Khan
2016 Fall Web Intern