For those of you who have tried it, you know, lining envelopes are oh, so satisfying! It’s an easy, instant upgrade to wedding invitations, stationery, and greeting cards, and even if you claim you’re not crafty, you will be able to do this. You can use almost any paper imaginable to make envelopes liners – solids, patterns, fine paper, newspaper, magazine pages, even photocopies of pictures.
How to decorate envelopes

When lining Paper Source envelopes, the trick is to use our Envelope Liner Template Kit, which comes with traceable plastic templates in 7 envelope sizes. Watch a video tutorial by clicking here!
Envelope Liner Video

Enjoy, and, as Sue will remind you, Do Something Creative Every Day!

— Cindy
PS colors: pool & red
Latest fave: Dutch Woodcut Floral Wrapping Paper


4 Responses

  1. JulieHRR says:

    Just had to let you know how much I *adore* Sue and her videos. Nowadays paper crafting videos are plentiful, scripted, and dull (quite frankly), but I could watch Sue’s Paper Source videos one after the other all day because she is so “real” and fun/funny–she seems like the kinda chick you’d wanna swig margaritas AND simultaneously have a great time making cool stuff with! Please pass along my thanks to her. 🙂

  2. ClaudiaM&M says:

    Making envelop liners is so easy with the templates…I make them a lot and putting liners in envelopes really makes them look so “fancy”…

  3. Judy Armento says:

    I am attempting to find a suitable “paper” to use for a tissue wrap of the response card and envelope with a wedding invitation. Can you assist me with sources of a simple colored tissue type paper to be used in this manner? Thanks for any help you might render.
    Judy Armento, Mother of the bride

  4. Barb Mustard says:

    How many A7 envelope liners can I squeeze out of a 12×12 sheet?