This well known baby game was extra sweet at Ann’s shower because it was something played at her mom’s baby shower when she was pregnant with Ann. We created a calendar with dates surrounding Ann’s due date – each guest wrote their name on the date on which they thought Ann’s baby would be born.

Baby Calendar

Done in our shower colors it made for great shower decor and more importantly was a lovely keepsake for Ann that will serve as a reminder of the guests who attended her shower and a wonderful memory of her mother.

–Kristen, Liz & Heather
PS colors: chocolate & fuchsia, fig & gravel, peacock & paper bag
Latest fave: Personalized Note Pads!


2 Responses

  1. Pene says:

    Wow now that is a great way to display a game and mommy Ann looks real happy with it too. Thanks PS you guys Rock!

  2. RHONDA ZAPPA says:

    GREAT IDEAS..I would love to use these ideas, however, cna’t find the style in word document.I WANT TO USE THESE ITEAS FOR A UPCOMING BABY SHOWER. ANY IDEAS FROM ANYONE ON WHO CAN HELP WITH THIS?? tHANKS